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This + Geralf's Mindcrusher + Hex Parasite = 1Phyrexian Black: mill 10
Posted By: roguepariah (3/27/2012 6:37:23 AM)


Gravecrawler makes a sweet combo, especially once you get a Rooftop Storm in play. Also has strong synergy with Havengul Lich, as it can find more targets to reanimate each turn. Not to mention Undead Alchemist, which can just randomly mill people out when you get lucky.

@pedrodyl: It will be checked on resolution, but it will use the last known information from when it was last on the battlefield - i.e. when it was sacced.
Posted By: C5r1a5z0y (1/17/2012 9:14:12 PM)


Great card to toss into a beefy creature deck. Having a secondary win condition when you're locked down with some kind of constant mists effect is awesome. And when you've got 45 points of power on the board this can end it pretty fast for only 2 mana.
Posted By: SuicidalTendancies (3/15/2010 1:25:39 AM)


I'm putting it in a Cleric deck: W cost Cleric + Edgewalker + Enduring Renewal + this. Belz_'s works well too, but this can be a great back-up for a sac-heavy deck.
Posted By: kirbymatt3 (7/24/2010 12:14:09 AM)


Thinking of using a few of these in an Ally deck with Halimar Excavator's, Graypelt Hunter's, and Oran-Rief Survivalist's, and some clones/rite of replication's.
Posted By: Nayban (1/30/2011 2:20:40 PM)


Belz_ has a subtle combo. Rather than infnite sacrifice, make infinite power and sac once. The only prior vote to mine was 1/2 star, and I almost missed how it worked.
You can also combo this with any persist creature and Juniper Order Ranger (which will annihilate the -1/-1 counters for free) to get the infinite sacrifices.
Posted By: kiseki (3/3/2011 4:08:36 PM)


I just tossed this card into my BlackGreen Saproling EDH deck. Mycoloth plus the altar can get crazy, especially with doubling season in play.
Posted By: endersblade (7/20/2011 11:42:10 PM)


It's hard to fit into a Dredge deck, but this is my favorite way to burn through Ichorids while Bridge from Below is in my graveyard. I can mill my own deck, finding more creature cards for Ichorid to munch on next upkeep. :)
Posted By: Salient (8/31/2011 12:48:57 PM)


To Kitsunewarlock:

Part of the cost of this card is to sacrifice a creature therefore it cannot be responded to at all. Just as tapping is part of the cost of many other cards, it just can't be responded to.

Actually trying to make a deck with this card with Nacatl War-Pride. Very fun.
Posted By: HighlordBaiden (8/9/2009 5:07:18 PM)


4.5/5. Amazing card. Great for combos. But also great as just a "throw in" if you don't use cards like Diamond Valley but frequently find yourself chump blocking. You can reword this card, in a way, to "Every time a creature you control is destroyed...". Once you read it like that, you realise its power. In drafts, this card is a first pick. One of the best draft cards out there. Using self-ressurecting creatures such as Nether Shade with this card can get pretty scary too.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/1/2009 1:13:18 PM)


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