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Nightscape Battlemage, and alot more to add.....
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (1/20/2010 12:29:44 PM)


Hey, Kirby! I got somethin' of yours!
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (1/3/2010 4:47:01 PM)


Along with Skeleton Shard the most useful artifact from Mirrodin's Shard Cycle with alternate activation cost.
Not only will your opponent rethink outtapping all his lands before casting a spell, you can also cheap bounce creatures on your side, either to save them or to trigger their cip/etb effect a second time.

If you're planning to use this but don't run blue, you might want to use Erratic Portal instead.
Posted By: Mode (10/17/2009 7:33:26 AM)


Emrakul needs to be cast to get extra turns out of him. Bouncing him with this repetedly would only confuse your opponent.

Seems like a good choice in any blue control deck that also runs things like mana leak or spell pierce. Really makes your opponent think long and hard about how much mana they're willing to spend!
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (6/9/2010 7:28:23 PM)


This is another one of those extremely over powered mirrodin cards.. slap anything with a comes into play ability into your deck and this, and that's game after it hits play. Examples include venser, reveillark, eternal witness, necrotaal, spitebellows, shriekmaw. If your opponent ever tries to kill it you can just use a master transmuter, or boomerang, to put it back in your hand and replay it, thus making everything you have unkillable.

The only good thing I can say about how over powered this set was is that it rotates out of extended soon.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (1/17/2010 2:46:04 AM)


Emrakul, the Aeons Torn + Elvish piper + this = infinite goes for GU or 3G that each do 15 damage
Posted By: SnakeThing (4/4/2010 2:11:02 PM)


Overpowered if this were born in any time after.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (12/27/2010 12:29:59 AM)


Just found out about this card after doing a search. So glad I did! As has been mentioned - would work fantastically well with ETB effects.

Going to start work on a deck based around ETB control, hopefully gaining enough card advantage to make people cry. ^^
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (5/10/2011 7:00:22 AM)


This is a very useful card for bouncing stuff back to your hand. It even keeps your opponents in check as they have to always keep one mana on the board or else you'll get to bounce their stuff :)

This card is very effective in the right deck and the fact that ANY deck can run these is just amazing. Mono red bounce anyone?
Posted By: dberry02 (6/17/2011 2:33:34 PM)


Competing with Oculus for the title of Most Phallic Card.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (6/23/2011 10:49:01 PM)


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