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I've almost decked myself a few times using this card in my Affinity deck. Combined with Mycosynth Golem, the drawing gets outrageous! It would be better if it said "Whenever you play an artifact spell, you may draw a card."
Posted By: Teravian (9/25/2009 10:56:04 AM)


I know that four mana for a 0/2 sounds awful, but trust me, this thing is amazing. I once drew half my deck in one turn, and that was without Skullclamps! My opponent had time to go get coffee and a bagel while I was busy drawing.
Posted By: Weary_PSI (10/8/2010 1:09:25 AM)


This guy has a weak body, but it can provide great card advantage.

Baubles (or low mana artifacts in general) are especially useful with that guy.
Or you imprint an artifact creature in Semblance Anvil and go crazy with artifacts that cost 2 or less -
in this case you can also cast this guy on the subsequent turn for BlueBlue if you haven't done this yet.
And then finish off with Arcbound Ravanger for example.
Posted By: Mode (9/19/2010 4:12:20 AM)


cast Mox Opal, draw one, tap for W, glinthawk for W returning Mox Opal, I draw again, cast Mox Opal again for zero, draw one and add U to my mana pool, use that U to activate Master Transmuter and wait I guess I don't draw a card for putting out my Sphinx of the Steel Wind, oh well.
Yah this guy can be nuts.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/6/2010 3:12:20 PM)


I play this with Fastbond and some Tolarian Academy in an Affinity/0-cost artifact deck. It's obscene. I don't think I've ever lost if I was able to drop this turn two/three.
Posted By: cplmontana (1/13/2011 9:58:03 AM)


sensei's divining top, lantern of insight, etherium sculptor, other cheap artifacts
add Jace's Erasure and your opponent will rarely draw anything useful.

@lyoncet, sadly, lands won't trigger the ability since they aren't spells.
Posted By: roguepariah (2/26/2011 9:45:30 AM)


Ah shoot, roguepariah points out that artifact lands don't trigger this. I saw the word "play" (instead of "cast"), got all excited and just stopped reading apparently. =(

One or two of these guys combined with a few Etherium Sculptors can let you tear through your deck. While the mana cost is a bit high, the card advantage he can provide in the right deck is invaluable, especially if you're using Crystal Ball or another method of scry to sift through any unwanted cards. Still, I always struggle with how many to include in my decks, since you really never want more than 2 out, and sometimes eve more than 1 can really murder your library. Seems like usually the best way to go is to use a few of these to compliment a main draw engine unless you're really confident you can avoid discarding half your library a turn later.
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/15/2011 9:08:33 PM)


So much card advantage with this little wizard... As already said, with Etherium Sculptor or others "discount" cards is at its best...!

4.5/5 for being so much fragile...!
Posted By: leomistico (9/7/2011 6:17:00 AM)


Yes Demonic, you are FORCED to draw. I'm playing an artifact deck but instead of him I have Bringer of the Blue Dawn and Thoughtcast.
Posted By: AXER (7/16/2010 7:28:53 PM)


So with this card, you're forced to draw, right?
Posted By: Demonyc (11/5/2009 2:29:11 AM)


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