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@ttian: Really? Have a gander at Reversal of Fortune. You're welcome.
Posted By: Totema (12/7/2012 10:13:53 PM)


If caw-blade ever makes it to Modern, this wouldn't be too bad as a red SB card against it.
Posted By: AlcariTheMad (9/13/2011 10:21:39 PM)


Weird boardwipe: Mycosynth Lattice + Bludgeon Brawl + Turn to Slag.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (5/19/2011 12:28:37 AM)


Wow this card can be unbelievable in EDH where equipment abounds.
Posted By: coyotemoon722 (12/16/2010 5:34:19 AM)


Alice from super jail?
Posted By: Tommy9898 (6/25/2011 11:45:16 PM)


The artist was taking a lot of license with the concept of 'human' here.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (9/21/2011 1:57:53 AM)


Is... is it... is it a boy or a girl?

@GruesomeGoo: This isn't really going to help you against Jitte, since control of the equipment doesn't change. If you swing with the Battlemaster and put counters on the Jitte, it's controller can just remove 2 counters and kill your Battlemaster.
Posted By: PeabodyET (2/23/2012 11:02:39 AM)


"Yeah, that Umezawa's Jitte is a nice card...ON MY SIDE."
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (7/12/2010 8:12:42 PM)


vulshok are a cult of shemales
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 9:20:25 AM)


Good one, ttian^^
I was always unsure whether this is now a female or not, but your theory might be plausible.
Besides, doesn't it hurt to have a metal bra which contains liquid magma on both sides? That's hardly comfortable i guess. On the other hand, every creature on mirrodin is some vivid flesh-metal crossover after all.

But let's get away from artwork and stuff.
Unfortunately this card could be slightly cheaper - this way it's really only useful in an equipment deck, and even there you have a bunch of better choices. A friend of mine once managed to finish me off with that card, yet also because i was having equipments on my side.
Posted By: Mode (8/27/2009 3:12:13 PM)


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