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A friend had a blue control deck with a pretty standard array of countermagic, but then he also ran four of this guy. This was by far the most annoying card in the deck, because you just couldn't kill it.

"terror? In response I steal your devouring strossus, terror fizzles."
"disenchant does nothing as this isn't an enchantment anymore."
"dominating licid dodges the tranquility, then becomes a control magic on your thorn elemental."
"in response to wrath of god, I steal akroma."

Posted By: allmighty_abacus (10/8/2010 9:02:33 AM)


What happens when you copy enchantment him? can you turn the enchantment into the licid again?
Posted By: MuffinMafia (5/29/2011 5:43:02 PM)


@blindthrall: That won't work. Once the wrath resolves, state based actions put the Licid into the graveyard for not enchanting anything before you can get priority, and ending the effect is a special action that you can only take when you have priority.

@muffinmafia: Copy effects always copy only the printed values of the card, with the sole exception of other copy effects. So if you copy enchantment a Licid, you get the Licid as a creature to begin with.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (8/7/2011 9:42:55 AM)


Is this the most powerful Control Magic effect in the game?

If so, I want four of them, Foil and New Art, in Premium Deck Series: Gagh!

(Premium Deck Series: Gagh! will be the name of the deck that reprints Force of Will as a Mythic, comes with a Foil version of Jace's Fact or Fiction, and various other "No"-themed and "I'm Blue, what did you expect, fairness?" cards) :D
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/15/2012 12:49:46 PM)


This (and the other Licids) would be perfect as double-faced cards.
Posted By: Atali (3/16/2012 1:25:31 AM)


A slightly more expensive Mind Control in total CMC, but can be paid over two turns. Also can switch targets if needed, and dodge both creature-kill and aura-kill spells, which is pretty neat. Probably the absolute best of the licids.
Posted By: Arachnos (4/11/2012 12:00:14 AM)


I don't care what anyone says, Licids are awesome and this is the best of the bunch.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (12/16/2012 8:25:03 PM)


@XTwistedsoulX: Sudden Death and Sudden Shock will work, but Krosan Grip won't. Ending the licid's effect is a special action that doesn't use the stack, like morph.

115.2c Some effects allow a player to take an action at a later time, usually to end a continuous effect or to stop a delayed triggered ability from triggering. Doing so is a special action. A player can take such an action any time he or she has priority, but only if the ability or effect allows it.

So you can pop a licid off any time you have priority, even when a spell with split second is on the stack.

The actual answer to licids is Mortify. It's not a modal spell, so it'll kill it even if it changes between casting and resolution.
Posted By: syrazemyla (2/9/2013 7:20:23 AM)


Experiment Kraj places a +1/+1 counter on this and uses the ability. Amusingly the oracle text wording changes how this works: On the card it's part of the ability, whereas on Oracle the "control" part is a static ability on the Licid and therefore not copied by Kraj.

I *THINK* how this works is Kraj becomes an aura that enchants a creature and does literally nothing. However, since the only ability he loses is this one he gets to keep all of his other delicious activated abilities while in enchantment form. Sounds fun!

...wait. What happens if Kraj then uses a fight ability, like the one on Durkwood Tracker for instance? Probably the same thing as someone trying to deal combat damage to a Lumithread Field, but still.
Posted By: LordRandomness (4/28/2013 6:31:28 PM)


This card lost a huge amount of power when that M10 rules change removed damage from the stack. Back when damage used the stack, you could steal an opponent's creature, use it to chump-block or suicide attack, then pull the Licid off it while it has lethal damage on the stack and it'd die, leaving you with a Licid you could use to steal something else.

No longer works. And unlike most such tricks, you can't do it at all anymore, because pulling the Licid off before combat damage is done results in the creature being removed from combat and surviving. Oh well.
Posted By: Aquillion (6/8/2013 5:03:05 PM)


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