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MIght still have some use in block-constructed, but simply making this a plain 1/1 one-drop with that ability wouldn't have been game-breaking either.

By the way, this has an exceptionally small flavor text font size despite available space in the textbox.
Posted By: Mode (8/24/2009 6:12:51 AM)


ffs where is their mouth?!
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (3/31/2011 9:53:38 AM)


Imperialstonedragon: Apparently, the style guide for Kamigawa indicated that kitsune didn't have mouths. No, I have no idea how they eat or talk. But they do, in the novels.
Posted By: Reylance (2/20/2012 9:42:52 AM)


A prime example of how insular Kamigawa was. Still, for Block constructed she isn't too bad.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/12/2012 7:42:54 PM)


Outside of block constructed, the only use I see for her is in casual cleric decks.

By the way, why do all the anthropomorphisized creatures in Magic need to have such prominent breasts? Lots of them shouldn't even have breasts, such as the merfolk!
Posted By: Tiggurix (6/12/2010 2:28:21 PM)


Indeed, Tiggurix. Quite the rockin' pair for a fox.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (6/30/2010 7:44:25 PM)


In the words of Jimi Hendrix. Ooh foxy lady!
Posted By: ToastRecon (11/28/2011 6:27:35 PM)


5/5 strictly for the art.
Posted By: shinhawk (2/19/2011 12:29:52 PM)


@Tiggurix: because Wizards knows their audience fairly well.
Posted By: jsttu (2/8/2012 10:03:23 AM)


Another "Epic."
Posted By: AXER (12/28/2009 8:22:22 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!