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Because Rod of Ruin's problem was that it didn't cost ENOUGH mana.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (8/18/2010 1:04:08 AM)


Turn it into a creature, somehow, then use four copies of Training Grounds.

Okay, so it's not ideal.

Awesome art, though.
Posted By: SirMalkin (7/17/2011 11:07:07 PM)


Repeatable removable is always playable to some extent, but this really pushes it. If only it was cheaper to put out on the field, let alone activate.
Posted By: Auteur (12/23/2009 5:10:56 PM)


This card is pretty bad, but you gotta admit, the artwork is sick.
Posted By: hid@n (6/15/2010 10:58:41 AM)


The best use for this card is with Xenic Poltergeist.
Posted By: themlsna (1/25/2011 3:38:56 PM)


This reminds me of Urza's Armor. It's friggin awesome, the art is sick, and you want to build a deck around it. But you don't because it feels as though you're taking out a loan when you're casting it.
Posted By: dberry02 (3/5/2011 10:22:43 AM)


this would be good if you didn't have to pay 8 mana every time to tap it.
Posted By: ichiau (2/26/2010 6:52:14 AM)


Gotta love this artwork. I want a ring that can blow people's head and shoulders clean off.
Posted By: SirDoom (8/3/2009 9:52:01 PM)


with enough tron and mishras workshops it could be playable.. it is colourless burn after all, which there is not very much of
Posted By: Havens (3/18/2010 8:46:00 PM)


it used to be alright in multiplayer games , it was a stalemate breaker in an age of circle protections as few people ran cirle prot artifact . I had one in my ultimate tim deck , loved it
Posted By: Mindbend (5/22/2010 4:07:11 AM)


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