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What I would consider a "subtle" burn spell. Not obviously destructive but its really useful. Kill two 1/1's? a 2/2? A 1/1 and 1 damage to opponent? Or just straight 2 to opponent.. this thing can do it all. Plus, its an instant and you don't lose card advantage.
Posted By: Akatosh (11/16/2008 9:56:17 PM)


@iSlapTrees How often will you draw that exact combo when you need it? I, personally, would like to save my Quickens for things that are a little more unexpected... like Lobotomy.

Anyway, this is a good card; not a game changer or anything, but still really useful (burn utility?). And as observed, if it cost UR it would be prime, but even still it's a nice thing to have in your hand (and a good way to hose those Ball Lightnings.)
Posted By: blugrn1989 (6/4/2011 11:38:35 AM)


Is this part of the Mortify/Putrefy/Wrecking Ball/Wreak Havoc... ect. cycle?

I'm trying to track down all of these cards, one from each guild.
Posted By: MacBizzle (2/16/2011 3:25:57 AM)


TheDarkOne: It was updated to prevent people thinking they could target, say, eight of your opponent's creatures for 0 damage and two of them for 1 damage with a Cowardice in play.

ttian: I don't think "strictly worse" means what you think it means. If this was a Prodigal Pyromancer that was a 0/1 instead of 1/1, that would be strictly worse. This is an instant that splits damage, and is useful for combat tricks that your opponent won't see coming, unlike the 1/1 pinger that's in plain view across the table.

leo: Fire costs 1R. Single card draw plus minor benefit is U. The minor benefit in this case? You use one card, not two, for the same effect. Look, it's really hard to mash cards together and think that the costs become balanced. It doesn't happen. If it did, RR would buy you a double Lightning Bolt for 6 (or even Shock for 4). Thankfully, it does not.

This is actually deceptively useful, as Akatosh has said. The fact that it can... (see all)
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (4/19/2010 9:50:06 AM)


The errata is simply for standardization of wording. It's almost redundant to say "any number of" when you really can only pick one or two. Other than that, it has no actual rules weight.

@MacBizzle: Wrecking Ball is a common, and shouldn't be part of the cycle, methinks. However, RnD has been known to do things like that.
Posted By: http404error (2/17/2011 8:55:30 PM)


Quicken+Forked bolt :)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (5/6/2011 1:45:46 PM)


While the Izzet vs. Golgari duel decks were impressive, the Izzet deck feels just a bit incomplete without this gem. Between the Isochron Scepter, Kiln Fiends, Golgari Grave-Troll, and Life from the Loam, however, it's a small omission.
Posted By: Manite (11/25/2012 12:00:47 PM)


Versatile, fun and powerful. I always use four copies of this in any U/R deck. 5/5.
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/16/2009 11:19:00 AM)


strictly worse then a laser creature
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 9:11:14 AM)


I think this card should cost only UR:
Fire costs 1R and does the same damage
Whispers of the Muse draws a card, but has buyback
Even more, Ravnica block was quite aggro, so to give Izzet a better answer could have been a good idea...

However, a good card. Could be better, but it's ok... 4.5/5

Edit (2011/01/22):
Agreed with Latronis...
@DoctorKenneth: I agree with your point of view, but considered also that it's a multicolor card I think should have a discount for this. Moreover at BlueRed could have been possible to copy with Izzet Guildmage, and easier with Djinn Illuminatus, probably without being broken, and arising the sinergy inside the guild...

Said this, it's solid and I liked it very much, and still love it!!!
Posted By: leomistico (1/22/2011 2:51:07 AM)