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I was disappointed to find out that the maze is un-solvable.
Posted By: Kirbster (6/29/2010 5:54:33 PM)


Posted By: Shadoflaam (3/2/2011 6:02:55 PM)


From wikipedia:
"Many contemporary scholars observe a distinction between the two: maze refers to a complex branching puzzle with choices of path and direction; while a single-path labyrinth has only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the center."

So actually it is a maze, not a labyrinth. Nice try. You're right about it not being the Azorius signet though, since this set came well before Ravnica block did.
Posted By: Magnor_Criol (5/23/2011 10:11:38 PM)


Even in Unglued, Blue gets everything in the olden days. Nowadays the flavor is white (and of course the effect is black).
Posted By: Tanaka348 (8/12/2011 2:28:24 PM)


... I am... So confused as to what the hell this card actually does. I am hoping that HarDHarKoopa's translation is correct. The thing is, I know if I ever buy this, I won't put this in my deck because it would be too much of pain to remember what this card actually does, and even more of a pain to make sure everyone actually understands what the heck this card does.
Posted By: Dwarf_Planet (8/16/2011 7:26:50 PM)


Is this the dragon's maze of DRAGON'S MAZE? Time will tell...

For confused folks: The card requires you and your opponent to play a game like Simon (that game with four light-up buttons that beep longer and longer patterns for you to remember and enter). At the beginning of each player's upkeep, they repeat all the motions the person before them did, then add another motion. A motion can be either a gesture or spoken phrase.

The biggest problem with this card (both conceptually and practically) is that your opponent is the first person to make a motion. If they're clever enough to start things off with something really complicated, it can easily be 3BlueBlue for "At the beginning of your next upkeep, discard your hand." The card's only awesome in multiplayer, where you have four or five opponents that could screw it up before you do.

But even then, an opponent will eventually figure out that they can say, "If my name is , then I hereb... (see all)
Posted By: Salient (2/17/2013 7:14:28 PM)


Posted By: FatalEagle (8/1/2012 6:24:36 PM)


My translation: During every players upkeep, that player performs all actions they performed previously, then adds another action. If you have not yet done an action, do only one. An action is something physical and/or a phrase.
Posted By: HarDHarKoopa (12/8/2008 5:41:52 PM)


@Dwarf Planet; I don't know why people have trouble with this card. Easy enough to translate:

There player A, and his opponent player B. Player A played this enchantment. During player B's next upkeep, they do action W, which is an action that is a simple physical or verbal action that has no risk of physical or mental harm and can be performed while sitting down. Let's say for action W player B decides to snap his fingers on both hands at once.

During player A's next upkeep they must perform action W (snapping their fingers) then add another action to this queue of actions that is being built up, referring to this new action as action X. Let's say action X is saying a tongue twister. In other words, when it comes to player A's upkeep here, they have to snap their fingers then they say the tongue twister.

This continues on, with each player adding to the action queue with each of their upkeeps. So during player B's next upkeep, they have to snap their fingers and say the ton... (see all)
Posted By: Yukikah (9/8/2011 11:45:18 AM)


Errata: the term "PLAYER" refers to each participant, and not to the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please note that Wizards of the Coast(tm) is not responsible for any damage caused by or arising from this potential misunderstanding, such as extreme boringness while waiting for the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game to perform an action in the ACTION QUEUE.
Posted By: Roxolan (7/20/2009 2:49:32 AM)


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