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This is probably the best Nephilim. Give it a Whispersilk Cloak and you're unstoppable!
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (8/14/2009 8:15:24 PM)


How the hell is this not legendary? I demand it be remade ad a legend so it can be my EDH general!
Posted By: The_Cheat420 (12/4/2010 12:44:22 AM)


Well actually since its a mix of many colors, you can play shield of the oversoul on it, make it 5/5, use flying for evasion, and its indestructible.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (10/18/2009 5:54:11 PM)


He's firin' his lazer! BLAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!
Posted By: Saxophonist (5/7/2010 1:02:57 PM)


Mirrorweave it after it has hit once. You're welcome
Posted By: jsttu (3/7/2011 12:41:33 PM)


What happens if you whispersilk cloak and then they play Wrath of God? I don't think it's unstoppable then :O
Posted By: Volcre (10/4/2009 12:06:37 PM)


@ cats_and_me, Earnest Fellowship wouldn't work, this card is part white, so giving it pro white would disenchant it. besides, why would it not be able to block anymore if it was some how enchanted?

@ Volcre, why would whisper silk protect if from wrath? it only gives it shroud and unblock able. wrath is a nuke effect, so it would hit it regardless sense it doesn't target.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (10/3/2010 1:39:51 PM)


i really enjoy using this cards effect, the tokens it creates are great fodder for cards like "Thoughtpicker Witch or "Fallen Angel
Posted By: iNathan (7/25/2010 11:54:41 PM)


It's kinda like hazezon tamar, except in nephilim form =) i like it, 4/5
Posted By: channelblaze (9/5/2010 10:43:01 AM)


Awesome synergy with Earnest Fellowship, which makes this creature unblockable most of the time.. Yeah, it can't block most creatures anymore, but it creates lots of colorless creature token that ~can~ be declared as blockers! :) Also interesting synergy with Fervent Charge, which turns this creature into a 5/5 attacker that has to be blocked or creates lots of 3/3 attackers for the next turn..
Posted By: cats_and_me (12/5/2010 9:12:29 AM)


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