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Well, you can't enchant Progenitus, and Enchanting Darksteel Colossus would only give you colorless mana, so you can still be color screwed.
Posted By: Arglypuff (2/22/2010 2:00:21 PM)


Use this with Dragon Roost to get a 5/5 dragon for 1 each turn
Posted By: Wprundv (7/9/2011 6:43:04 AM)



you can play multiple of any card in your hand from then on.

Or, you can Elvish Piper -> Progenitus/Darksteel Colossus -> Enchant with this -> Win at card games.
Posted By: .Fighter. (1/15/2010 4:42:51 PM)


Scornful Egotist
Posted By: monkeymonk42 (9/14/2011 3:53:18 PM)


Guys, guys.
It says enchant permanent, not enchant creature.
Just put it on Gleemax. Now we're talking.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/8/2011 8:00:22 PM)


Reaper King! :D
Posted By: alextfish (10/30/2013 5:05:47 AM)


Kruphix, God of Horizons. Indestructible? Check. Dump 5 mana into that bottomless pool every turn? Check.
Posted By: questionflanger (4/28/2014 11:55:21 AM)