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AlphaNumerical, I'm pretty sure that's a flavor reason. His thrulls just completly outnumber him and he can't control them any longer so they turn on him.
Posted By: JWolps (9/6/2009 8:03:14 AM)


Find a way to keep the tokens from being the thrull creature type and you will end up having a crazy token generator.
Posted By: Silverware (12/3/2009 7:43:05 PM)


Interesting card, but I've always wondered the reason (balance issues aside) why he is sacrificed when you hit 7..

@ JWolps: Heh, and we thought he was a "master" breeder.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (9/12/2009 4:05:43 AM)


Needs some of MTG flavor text this card could easily become one of my favorites. Without great flavor text this card is just another funky Johnny card I've bookmarked
Posted By: JL_Weber (12/4/2009 4:38:18 PM)


Conspiracy does work. If it added types, it would say so. Just like how Spreading Seas shuts down nonbasic lands. On a lot of type-changing spells, you'll find "in addition to its other types." This line does not appear on Conspiracy, so Conspiracy makes Mr. Sahr playable.
Posted By: tenkaze (6/11/2010 6:30:30 PM)


I started playing magic back in fallen empires, and picked up a lot of thrulls with this guy writing the flavor text. I never would have dreamed that we would actually see him in print. This is the card that told me "Time Spiral is going to be a huge pay off for all us Old Fogeys."
Posted By: Saikuba (10/1/2010 5:00:58 PM)


Phyrexian Altar makes all of your spells free!
Posted By: LiXinjian (12/12/2010 11:53:16 AM)


Even the master breeder couldn't overcome the sheer might of his horrid breedings. All Hail the Mighty Thrulls! Okay, I give up. Thrulls will never be cool.
Posted By: garbagegatherer (11/8/2009 5:37:16 AM)


Play him with Bone Splinters, Grave Pact, Spawning Pit, Woebringer Demon, Quest for the Gravelord, Fallen Ideal, and Nantuko Husk. Sacrifice your creatures to great benefit against your opponent, and sacrifice your little Thrulls to keep your various effects happy. Not exactly the centerpiece, but nonetheless a hammer in the toolbox for such a deck.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (1/24/2010 5:12:59 PM)


Conspiracy may not explicitly state that the type is in addition to its current type(s), but the first ruling on the card states:

"It does not replace any use of creature types in card text."
Posted By: Alsebra (8/8/2012 9:09:20 AM)