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Rain of Filth
Posted By: Tovaras (12/30/2010 10:35:39 PM)


Polar Kraken.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (4/16/2011 8:37:09 PM)


My combo: Herald of Leshrac + Power Conduit + Bazaar Trader

How to use it:

At each of your upkeeps, the Herald's ability puts an age counter on it, then you gain control of a land controlled by an opponent for each age counter or sacrifice it. You use the Power Conduit to keep the number of age counters on it at zero (so at each upkeep you put on a counter and gain control of just one of your opponent's lands). Then, when your opponent runs out of lands, use the Bazaar Trader to give them back one land each turn.
Posted By: GoodLordigans (6/8/2012 10:58:28 AM)


Play in an EDH deck.
Posted By: nammertime (1/1/2010 4:01:35 AM)


absolutely THE best Cumulative Upkeep I have ever seen. Strictly better than that dumb red mana ramper (dumb as in good).

I didn't read teh rest very carefully. With a 'cost' like that, this should win you the game unless you're drunk.
Posted By: DarthParallax (7/26/2012 2:48:11 PM)


In general he's indeed not that useful, but it's a fun Johnny card. I'm afraid that was the reason why they refrained from desinging this card for mid-game since a land-stealing ability, even when created as "semi-drawback", can become very powerful.

Use him with along with Rainbow Vale and keep control of his counters with Chisei, Heart of Oceans, Power Conduit, Ferropede or Clockspinning.
Or just bring a Zuran Orb or possibly even Overgrown Estate to prevent your opponents from regaining their lands while providing a huge lifegain for yourself. In this case Knight of the Reliquary might be another card you want to take, the mana cost even suits to the latter mentioned card.

Oh, and be careful not to lock down your teammate in a multiplayer game.
Posted By: Mode (8/20/2009 1:21:37 PM)


The best combo with this card is zuran orb. You get your land, and once there is not enough land to fulfill the upkeep (or they kill the herald of Leshrac) you sacrifice all there lands and gain 2 life for each. I use it in my deck and its an awesome combo.
Posted By: Sequoia22 (10/2/2011 7:01:35 PM)


Too much mana for its size and for what it does. In my experience it'll generally die before making any real impact on the game, sadly.
Posted By: stygimoloch (2/14/2009 7:48:29 AM)


good card it steals mana but is to muchmana cost
Posted By: sorin688 (3/18/2011 9:25:19 PM)


I Unsummoned this guy each time my opponent summoned it. Thrice and it never lived to see its ability triggered!!!
Posted By: AXER (9/12/2010 11:55:33 PM)


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