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This card is awesome! I made a really rather effective deck built around this and Searing Meditation.

You need Painlands (Battlefield Forge, etc.) and/or the Mirrodin Talismans (Talisman of Unity, etc.), and an excuse to tap mana every turn (I use Isochron Scepter). With Tamanoa out, each instance of tapping a painland technically gains you life, allowing you to use Searing Meditation for each instance, you can tap yourself out to deal 2 damage per 2 mana while gaining an equal amount of life.

Multiple copies of Tamanoa stack, gaining you life each time you tap a painland and double on regular damage. I've easily reached into the hundreds of life in multiplayer games using this. If any of you are thinking that this combo sounds too Johnny-ish, you don't need all parts out for it to effectively work.

Having read the comments (particularly BinarySpike), I have to add Manabarbs to m... (see all)
Posted By: AssKickingBoots (5/21/2011 6:47:07 AM)


Yay for lightning bolt? :P If I'm gonna go and pull this prank, I think I'd rather use Furnace of the Rath. May cost 1 more, but I only need red to play it.
Posted By: Dark_Raider (11/17/2009 12:29:46 PM)


Sanguine bond doesn't cause damage, it causes loss of life

anyways this was back when three colored cards weren't associated with shards of alara. This is NOT a naya card
Posted By: brunsbr103 (5/10/2011 7:58:40 PM)


wins style points
Posted By: metalevolence (11/18/2009 12:07:49 AM)


Way to go Tamanoa.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/3/2009 11:25:12 AM)


A Beastly combo:
Ajani's Pridemate
a few pain lands like city of brass
Ajani's Pridemate gets real big real fast.
Posted By: Leonin_Kha_Cameron (1/20/2011 1:39:15 PM)


CORRECTION: Damage causes loss of life.
Posted By: InjuryMan (12/16/2009 12:12:19 AM)


3.5!? What is there NOT to love about this card? It lifelinks YOU. It turns a lightning bolts 3 damage into a 6 point separation! Let's do the math.. You play this card for 3, then (going to the best case scenario) spend 4 more on lightning bolts for a total of 7 mana & what happens? You either A) Just won. Or, B) separated yourself from your barely still breathing opponent by 24 health points! I'm not even going to mention what I'm about to do to you with reverberate! I know I just stated the obvious but just so I could point out how much of a tough crowd we have on here. Shheeeesh!
P.S.- I like this card.
Posted By: Mike-C (1/14/2011 2:53:40 PM)


armageddon clock
Posted By: Tezz (1/1/2011 3:57:45 PM)


I'm assuming that if you get Sanguine Bond out with this card it can loop for a win.

after some study of the rules you guys are correct, Sanguine Bond does not create a loop, however this card works excellently with Manabarbs I really want to make a manabarbs/tamanoa deck now... Pretty much turns manabarbs into "Whenever opponent taps a land for mana, you gain 1 life"

Lavaball trap works nicely too with this card and a load of creatures out...

I don't see why this card doesn't see extensive play...
Posted By: BinarySpike (1/31/2010 12:42:04 AM)