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The first card to inspire me to make a tribal deck. Since then I've been very fond of it.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/25/2011 7:21:01 AM)


Turns all of your beasts into Goretusk Firebeasts, without the prohibitive cost or hilarious flavour text.
Posted By: SirZapdos (10/21/2011 4:47:45 AM)


Once I dropped 2 of this then hit my friend for 16 after droping a Garruk's Companion
and a Karplusan Wolverine
Posted By: BeastyBoy (3/22/2012 5:56:24 PM)


i put 3 of these in my r/g beast deck. just one is enough to scare your opponent... i have won many games with it. :p
Posted By: RDorothy (12/29/2012 6:04:00 AM)


That must be a slow moving meteor. Unless they have a telescope, they wont be able to see the teeth with the naked eye until its too late.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (3/20/2013 8:47:07 PM)


Jackalope Herd
Posted By: Bouchart (7/30/2013 1:04:39 PM)


@TheWrathofShane: They're big teeth.
Posted By: Gandlodder (10/7/2013 10:47:13 AM)


What's that? Your Garruk Wildspeaker now makes Flametongue Kavu's for "free"? Not good enough...

All jokes aside, I appreciate the small amount of Beast-Tribal support in the Odyssey block.

Other cards like Contested Cliffs, Wirewood Savage, Ravenous Baloth and Krosan Warchief are decent support spells. You decide for yourself how they are effective (It's not very obvious, is it?)
Posted By: Ferlord (12/2/2013 10:32:39 AM)


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