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Haha, if you plant Dark Depths, he'll have Marit Lages growing instead of lotuses.
Posted By: NeoKoda (7/12/2011 11:30:14 AM)


tolarian acadamy? gaea's cradle?
Posted By: Megrimage (2/21/2010 12:52:16 AM)


Can trigger landfall at least 3 times in a turn with this card when calling up a land
Posted By: darkfury (1/9/2010 10:06:07 PM)


Flagstones of Trokair
Posted By: Conical (1/22/2010 12:06:42 AM)


I would rather say Harrow 's BIG brother, by just sacrificing that little boring basic land you can get whatever land you want! Just imagine using this in a deck with crucible of worlds and strip mine!!!!
Posted By: Disruptor (2/26/2010 6:19:07 PM)


Mishra's Factory This card is insane. I really don't see how its not restricted.
Posted By: Bass1987 (4/21/2011 5:54:09 PM)


Gruul Turf enters the battlefield tapped no matter how it got there.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/29/2011 10:17:09 AM)


Could only be a common in Urza's Block :)
Posted By: CovetousDragon (5/16/2011 1:56:02 AM)


Regarding Sylvan Scying vs Crop Rotation: Sylvan Scrying is safer against blue and no card disadvantage, but at the same time Crop Rotation can be used defensively against Wasteland with its instant speed and play in response for crazy things, that's the versatility. It also doesn't seem like much, but it frees up more mana for removal.
Posted By: JARY (9/21/2011 11:51:14 AM)


and untapped. Saved me in quite a few EDH games when someone swings for lethal, cast this in response, get a maze of ith, and proceed to stay alive. xD
Posted By: KarmasPayment (5/22/2010 3:36:07 AM)


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