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Very nice artwork. Very interesting card when combined with Twincast, Sigil Tracer or other such copiers.
Posted By: Belz_ (4/29/2010 4:35:19 PM)


Imprinting this with a panoptic mirror, with two paradox haze's in play would make sure your opponent wouldn't play anything. Ever.
Posted By: fbninja (7/18/2010 5:58:14 PM)


Hehe imagine suspending 4 of these..... :). Great art also
Posted By: nevenshinko (11/16/2010 4:44:33 AM)


Bad card.
Not because its weak, but because its almost unplayable in Limited, you cannot put it in a Constructed deck AND you can t play it in a casual deck - it will either be useless, or very annoying for your opponents
Posted By: Mightyass (11/21/2010 1:03:36 PM)


Great card. Makes a good combo with Paradox Haze and even Jhoira's Timebug.
Of course, its offset by its cost. But what ridiculously overpowered card isn't? I personally think this is the perfect cost for such a weapon of mass destruction.
I play 4 of these in a UR, bounce/burn/control deck. In said deck, I do not have Paradox Haze or Jhoira's Timebug. Early game I hit with Disperse, Lightning Bolt, Electrolyze and the like. My opponent rarely is able to play something substantial by the time I drop this, and by then, nothing is playable anymore. Then I take him/her out with Chronozoa or Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind.
Anyone who says this card is bad, has never seen it in play, or has never seen it used in combination with other bounce cards and counter spells. Burns are just a nice bonus in the... (see all)
Posted By: BloodJunkie (12/31/2010 12:25:33 PM)


Queue repetitive techno music.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/17/2011 11:13:07 PM)


A lovely card - helps deal with anything without shroud for ever!
Posted By: Moleland (4/24/2011 3:39:54 PM)


At first look I was like BLAAHHH another boomerang... now 4 of these are the foundation of my White/Blue/Black control deck. by either using Venser,The Sojourner to blink or by hard casting Glimmerpoint Stags/Skinrenders/Contagion Engine etc , you can use Reality Strobes to there full potential by choosing your opponents cards or your own to recast your own creatures more effects.... I usually put them suspended state off the bat.... by having 2 or more suspended at different times can delay the match in your favor for several turns.... 5/5 for knowing its full potential
Posted By: Blackwatch_00 (4/27/2011 10:43:31 AM)


Capsize = {1}{U}{U} or {4}{U}{U} (with buyback)
Reality Strobe, essentially a reusable, delayed Capsize..seems to have mashed both of the best things about Capsize into one card. It doesn't have the spot-removal of Capsize, {4}{U}{U} to hardcast is alot to remove a threat, especially when you need it removed quickly> It could work with effects that remove suspend counters, such as Jhoira's Timebug or Fury Charm which was the focus of the set. Nonetheless if I'm going to wait for a suspend card to trigger it's going to be something beefier like Curse of the Cabal or Deep-Sea Kraken.
Posted By: tcollins (5/20/2011 9:46:14 AM)


A permanent that never enters the battlefield. Looks like a great card.

QUESTION: With Leyline of Anticipation out, could this be suspended during the opponent's end step? It says "rather than play this from your hand, you may suspend" which makes me think it's more of a replacement effect that would allow this.
Posted By: Fictionarious (6/3/2011 12:06:16 PM)