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The people who argue against cards like Browbeat, or Dash Hopes are sucking the fun out of my Magic, and yours. Don't listen to them. Every card has its time to shine. You can't Counterspell something if your opponent doesn't play anything. You can't Lightning Bolt your opponent if they have Leyline of Sanctity up. You certainly can't use Tivadar's Crusade to any effect if your opponent isn't playing goblins. Magic is about mind games as well. You people seem to assume your opponent will always have the upper hand if you play cards like these. How about, you force them into a position where either outcome will ruin their game? Timing is crucial in magic all the time. This isn't the first card that relies on it. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say, 'every' card in Magic relies on timing. What if your opponent is at 3 health and they play some game breaking card? How ofte... (see all)
Posted By: Drewsel (6/2/2011 4:10:16 PM)


I think the main disadvantage of this card is that it does not advance your board position if the opponent chooses the "lose 5 life" option. Because board position is paramount and the opponent's life total relatively unimportant to a control deck, this card would only be useful in a mono-black beatdown. And because a beatdown deck does not want to leave mana open, this is probably going to be the last card in your hand. That means that if your opponent is also playing a fast deck, they probably won't be playing vital spells at the same time that you have mana open. It might, however, be decent disruption to sideboard in against a control deck. I think Duress or Thoughtseize are probably still superior, but I think this card is pretty neat and would like to try it out.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (7/6/2009 4:54:01 PM)


While in theory, your life total is fairly unimportant, and that the last point of life is what matters, Dash Hopes has the potential to remove 5 points of life. That's a quarter of what players will have without any lifegain. If you're already playing a form of aggro, this puts more stress on your opponent, and gives him less time to figure out options. If you're playing cards like corrupt and consume spirit to the face, all the more stress.
Posted By: h4mx0r (8/1/2009 11:55:12 AM)


I can't believe that people are trying to say that this card is bad! This card is so insanely powerful, as far as I'm convinced it can single handedly end a game. It's a black counter spell with no draw backs. Don't wanna lose a quarter of your life? Well then your super important strategy card is gone. Don't want to lose your super important card? Well I guess you have to lose a quarter of your life. This card brings whole new meaning to Black Control, and can easily dominate a board. I have a deck that plays four of these babies in casual play and when this thing plays out for only two mana, my friends immediately start yelling obscenities as they desperately try to figure out what is more important to them, their strategy or their life. Five star card, and god save us all if it's ever reprinted again.
Posted By: Rezzy64 (7/21/2011 2:44:50 PM)


If your opponent has 5 or less life, this is a guaranteed black Counterspell.

And if they don't, well, then, you just dealt 5 Damage for 2 mana which is pretty good too.
Posted By: Gaffy00 (8/8/2011 5:06:47 PM)


You would have a valid argument if it weren't for both effects being useful and undercosted.

Unless they're playing hardcore life-gain, people aren't going to be lining up to lose 5 life.
If they didn't really need the spell that's being countered, you wouldn't have countered it.

For 2, I'll let you pick. I really don't mind.
As has been said, in my experience with this card, the opponent will often end up making a bad decision and putting themselves further behind.

If you want 100% reliable counter spell, this is obviously not the spell you want.

But a bad card? I think you're wrong there. As long as you're not just countering every spell with this thing, the worst it can be is 5 damage for 1B.

And there's nothing more satisfying than watching an opponent kill themselves.
Posted By: JackofAntioch (6/4/2011 6:16:02 PM)


I really like this card. What I like is that it's a bad card, but it's the kind of bad card that really makes you justify why it's so bad, because it's not obvious. So it's a really interesting card. I also like that it explores how much life you'd need to pay before it becomes a good card, because 5 life is fairly significant. Would it be a good card for 6 life? How about 7 life? How about 10 life? It's definitely not clear. It's a puzzle. And I like that.
Posted By: mutantman (2/16/2010 6:29:23 PM)


For those of you asking; this card is rated low because this card is terrible. The "punisher" cards such Dash Hopes, Browbeat and Skullscorch are among the worst cards in the entire game; you're opponent is the one who gets to decide how this spell will resolve and they will never choose that option that is best for you, the spell's controller. The only time these cards will ever be any good is when you already winning the game. This is the worst card in Planar Chaos and a card I hated at common as it was always clogging up the drafts with it's unplayable jankiness.
Posted By: Arctic_Slicer (11/19/2009 3:07:08 AM)


I have always been a fan of Blazing Salvo

I wasn't aware this card existed, working on getting a play set now.

Best response ever to Legacy RDW casting Fireblast
Posted By: PhyrexianAdvocate (4/2/2011 9:42:32 AM)


good as a damage spell, or as controll in the right conditions. usually you want to cast it when the oponint eather cant pay the life or if its targeting a spell that may or may not be worth 5 life. In the end, only use it in casual, as it is obviosly not competitive wourthy.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (2/3/2011 5:37:48 PM)