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In Yugioh, this card is free
Reason to choose Magic #436
Posted By: Yoktes (2/28/2012 2:53:31 PM)


What do you think they created Dark Ritual for? EH? JOHNY COMBO STYLE.
Posted By: EnV (11/29/2009 9:06:23 PM)


I can't take it. Please pay attention:

Kadence: Shroud would not protect your Lord of Extinction - or any other creature - from the effect of Plague Wind. The only things that would prevent a creature from going to the graveyard as a result of this Sorcery would be Indestructible. Persist would bring it back AFTER it went toward the graveyard, if it didn't have a negative counter, already.

Shroud protects something FROM BEING TARGETED. TARGETED. Plague Wind does not target.

This is the problem with fancy keywords. Cards just need to have things spelled out clearly, instead. Imagine that.
Posted By: humor_love (11/1/2011 6:53:24 AM)


You will never see this card played in a Commander game without someone making a "break wind" joke.

I pop in to look this up, and lo and behold, someone's already said "Looks like someone let a really big fart."

The more things change, the more they stay th*BRAAAAAAAPPPP*

'Scuse me.
Posted By: Salient (1/11/2012 4:11:27 PM)


Looks like someone let a really big fart.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (7/18/2010 5:34:00 PM)


nice card, Kresh loves him some death and this is pretty good at causing it, t6 is a good turn to play it, right after kresh hits and can swing with lethal force if you got enough of their creatures in the wind

outside EDH, I cant see a place for this, T9 you need to have won or you are dead, either by your creatures being removed or they have had insane life gain, the wind may turn a game still
Posted By: Dingo777 (2/13/2010 7:30:34 AM)


Cruddy card. By the time you get to play this I'll have killed you 3 or 4 times with a Darksteel Colosuss and for only 2 more mana or even less if I cheat him into play.
Posted By: Xarr (7/2/2010 4:35:47 PM)


This cards cost is huge but when u get to play it it should be victory.

Or u could play it first turn: Swamp, 4 Dark Rituals for total 9 mana then this. Though i don't know why anyone would do it.
Posted By: Qazior (1/24/2010 6:19:10 AM)


Panoptic mirror, Darksteel Forge, and this. Try to pull this off I dare you.
Posted By: VoidedNote (3/14/2010 9:22:31 PM)


God damn I want this one, it is THE game winner!
Posted By: Sironos (5/9/2010 12:37:00 PM)