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Very useful in 3 color+ deck
Posted By: Irvinele99999 (5/9/2009 4:32:15 PM)


disagree on the usefulness of a big butt on this card. For reasoning, see Mike Flores' thoughts on Lotus Cobra, Wild Mongrel, et cetera.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (11/9/2009 7:47:43 PM)


Orochi Leafcaller is better and its common so unless u need it to be elf i'd just have that
Posted By: MDStrawHat (1/5/2010 2:21:33 PM)


Ok Noobs Heres How It Is, Joiner Adept Is Much Beter Than Orochi Leafcaller Because First Off You Can Only Run Four Of Theese And If Your Using Her For The Right Reasons You Need Her Early Game But Unlike Orochi You Can Fix Your Mana Pool Accordingly Assumiung You Dont Get Her With The Shaman You Need Forests And If You Dont Have Him In Play Your Fusion Elemental Progenitus Or Whatever Are Total Dead Cards And Pyroclasm And Wrath Pick His Ass Right Off. The End
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (5/8/2010 3:02:31 PM)


Would be MUCH better as a 1/2 or a 0/3 or a 99/99. Oh well, still a useful creature.
Posted By: rubber (9/1/2009 5:20:34 PM)


For my opinion on the debate between this and Orochi Leafcaller is as follows:

This is worth two mana to play to DOUBLE your mana. Orochi Leafcaller, on the other hand, only CONVERTS mana. The combos from this thing are nigh endless, as is shown below.

Joiner Adept:

Turn one: Arbor Elf, after one Forest.
Turn two: Play a second Forest, then this. Arbor Elf untaps one of the Forests you paid for Joiner Adept, which is now worth TWO mana BY ITSELF. Play Lotus Cobra with it.
Turn three: Cast Explore, play two Forests. TOTAL mana on field at this point is TEN, 2 from Lotus, 8 from Forests, using Arbor Elf to "pay for the Explore". Play Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.Ta-da! Turn three, four lands, a 7/6 Trample, and a grand total of 12 mana BEFORE playing your next land on your next turn, AND a mana seal on your opponent. Oh, right. Harrow would be great here, since both enter play untapp... (see all)
Posted By: mrhardy12 (6/5/2011 7:41:42 PM)


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Posted By: asskicker123456789 (7/26/2011 6:46:41 PM)


mrhardy12: Did you read the card? This definitely doesn't double your mana. It allows your lands to tap for its regular mana OR tap for 1 mana of any color. Each land produces 1 mana, but it is still better than Orochi Leafcaller since this allows all of your lands to produce any color rather than just your forests.
Posted By: Dominator42 (8/1/2011 12:36:48 PM)


This makes Sorrow's Path better than City of Brass.
Posted By: NuckChorris (9/2/2011 8:44:55 AM)


LMAO @NuckCHorris....that gave me quite the chuckle :-)

I like this card, but the only format I'd play it in is EDH, and for that, I'd rather run Prismatic Omen. Landwalking isn't as threatening in this format (at least not with the people I play) and it allows you to play so many other types of cards (Domain is awesome) than Joiner. My elf deck is mono green, so I have no use for this either.

Not saying it's a bad card, I can definitely see its usefulness. I just always end up filtering it out of my decks in place of something else.
Posted By: endersblade (11/10/2011 10:24:54 AM)