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Inkfathom Infiltrator.
Posted By: Belz_ (4/11/2010 7:53:27 AM)


Nice one with new infect-creatures...
Killed my opponent with Hand of Prateros encahnted with this...
Posted By: Bursama (11/25/2010 11:29:48 AM)


interesting, might b interesting to try with my Virulent Sliver/Shadow Sliver
deck, need to pick up a playset
Posted By: Gezus82 (11/18/2009 10:03:12 PM)


Great. Poison has been a fan favorite since it was introduced, and should be brought back, hopefully with this card being reprinted. It could use some more cheep, small poisonous creatures to bring your opponent to kill range so this can finish them off.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/25/2010 8:00:54 PM)


Will this be in Scars?
We will never know!
Posted By: SIlverSkyz (8/30/2010 9:36:37 AM)


Creature enchantments are not your friends.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 8:33:25 PM)


Fully-leveled Hada Spy Patrol?

Good, but...

Cunning Sparkmage?


Pestilence Demon with a Hedron-Field Purists in play = teh epic. 4 black mana kills any number of opponents in a multiplayer game.
Posted By: jlowther (5/17/2010 10:58:45 AM)


this is beginning to get on my nerves
Posted By: DaaNz (3/14/2009 8:36:17 AM)


Maybe on Silhana Ledgewalker can be interesting
Posted By: skorpionrazor (10/17/2011 4:41:22 PM)


How has no one been talking about the art? This thing looks fantastic! That aside, this does stack with infect yes, but it still isn't good. on a creature with infect, it might as well read:

Enchanted creature gets +3/+0

Slightly different, I know, but that will be the effect almost 100% of the time. Suddenly less exciting, huh? Oh, and when the creature dies, you lose even more card advantage from this thing croaking too. With the release of infect this card has become a nearly worthless relic. I used to have this in a poison deck I played. Good thing I enjoy the art.
Posted By: Enelysios (3/26/2012 1:36:04 AM)