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Mana-free cycling? Sounds very intersting.
Faster than Baubles, a bit painful, but also useful if you should have to fill your graveyard for some reason.
Posted By: Mode (8/30/2009 12:56:11 PM)


Ok, I'm giving this card a 6/5. If only I could... Reason being this card along with Urza's Bauble and Mishra's Bauble virtually allows you to play with a 48 card deck. Epic Win.
Posted By: Beekhead (10/2/2010 12:14:52 AM)


The Fatht and the Furioth ith my favorite movie about streetwraithing.
Posted By: babylonian007 (7/21/2010 2:53:21 AM)


Nobody who plays this in competitive decks ever cast it. It's there so your deck is 56 cards at the cost of some life.
Posted By: BlackAlbino (9/14/2011 7:25:49 PM)


Free cycling is tech for Astral Slide:D
Posted By: Saigmundur (2/1/2010 4:01:26 AM)


Great cycling - I'd pay 2 life over 2 mana any day. The problem is, the card it's attached to just isn't that good: a 3/4 for five mana with very conditional evasion. For a cycling card to be really playable, it has to either be attached to something that the player would consider playing normally (see Decree of Silence, Angelsong, hell, even Vedalken Aethermage), or the cycling has to hold an additional benefit besides simply putting a card in your hand (the landcycling spells from Alara, definitely Vedalken Aethermage, etc.).

If you can't contemplate playing a creature with cycling normally, and I know I wouldn't with Street Wraith (even in the most casual of decks, black has a lot better things to be doing at five mana), then all you get is a card that draws you a single other card - that is to say, a waste of a card slot.

Of course, this is not accounting for cycling-based decks, where th... (see all)
Posted By: Azazyel (5/1/2010 9:09:40 PM)


@Axelle Aside from cycling being instant speed, uncounterable and it feeds your graveyard depending on your deck?
Posted By: VarteDod (10/9/2011 4:33:39 PM)


I totally agree. I actually use it in an ichorid-dredge deck. It basically helps add to the reliability/speed of your dredging. I use Darkblast to control the early board game while my graveyard gets up to snuff, and this helps kill bigger things with DB while filling it.

It's a creature. This matters for Ichorid. It's black, which.. matters? It's not a spell when you cycle, so it's much harder to block. It also can't be blocked by someone using an instant-speed targeting restrictor (such as a card that gives players shroud.)
Posted By: blurrymadness (10/10/2011 10:06:05 PM)


@Axelle: Play both, so you'll run a 52 card deck...
Posted By: nimzo (5/19/2011 5:32:14 PM)


Hm. I'm getting Innistrad vibes from this card, but I don't think Innistrad has cycling.
Posted By: luca_barelli (10/31/2011 4:14:52 PM)