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Go blue legendary creatures!
Posted By: Ajani_is_da_man (12/29/2009 10:30:23 AM)


Opponent: I play Cruel Ultimatum
Me: I bounce your Ultimatum *reveals boomerang*
Opponent: Uh... what? Boomerang doesn't work on spells
Me: Oh my bad wrong card *Plays Venser*
Opponent: >_>
Posted By: VoidedNote (10/26/2010 12:16:39 PM)


They really made him as a planeswalker. Hell Venser, the Sojourner +2 and -8 ability is already a combo. I'll add Venser, the Sojourner in my white blue control coz its insane.
Posted By: jumpenrun (9/5/2010 8:15:19 AM)


@Arach- He wasn't a planeswalker yet. This is him, pre-planeswalker.
Posted By: sir_dwar (12/30/2009 8:59:34 AM)


Bounce a storm crow? What are we playing portal?
No a well placed Boomerang can greatly affect the tempo of the game, as can a well played Venser,
plus he has the ability to bounce spells!
Great Card, 5 out of 5
Posted By: flippythekist (4/30/2009 3:09:32 PM)


This is was an excellent card in standard, causing many shenanigans (FARVA!), and I think it can still be a good card in extended, if used correctly. I don't see why people don't like Venser.
Posted By: victorvolt (11/13/2008 11:26:28 PM)



He can "counter" Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, but since your opponent just cast Emrakul he'll still get an extra turn... and there's a good chance Emrakul is coming out on that turn, landing him another extra turn... which means Venser isn't much use against him.

If you're looking to counter Emrakul and other uncounterables, I think you need look no further than Mindbreak Trap.
Posted By: Ladon--- (2/24/2011 11:25:51 AM)


one of the most underrated/underappreciated cards of all time. amazing how you can combine two mediocre cards (grizzly bears + boomerang) into one card without even lowering the total cmc and produce awesomeness. one of the best utility cards ever printed. should be auto 2-of in every casual mono-u control deck
Posted By: nikelrah (8/4/2009 2:25:54 AM)


I love that guy, a solid 2/2 wizard (might be relevant in some tribal cases) body at instant speed with Boomerang for four mana, plus it can bounce spells on the stack as well!

@fippythekist: DaaNz is trolling storm crow comments wherever he can, just click on his name and find the cards commented by him and you'll see. Sometimes they're amusing, but other people may find them most often at least equally annoying. I don't exactly know why he's doing this, either for default trolling reasons, or because he wants storm crow to become the next meme card besides Chimney Imp.
Posted By: Mode (8/7/2009 2:51:59 PM)


hey! thats Garruks helmet!
Posted By: Kyzar (3/10/2011 7:12:47 PM)