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The 3 damage effect is convenient at times, but clearly the weakest of the effects. RedGreenWhite is pretty steep for 3 creature-only damage.

The Regrowth effect is pretty good, as others have been saying. I never played with regrowth myself, but I did play with Recollect, and Naya Charm puts it to shame.

Now, the last ability is way too good. JacksJokeShop was right on with his comment. Stalemated creature battles turn directly into wins because the entire enemy defense is removed. It's so powerful that I really hate to waste it (if the other 2 abilities could be called waste) on the other abilities when I know it will directly lead to wins if I just wait a couple turns.

Oh, and did you realize you can search for any of the Shards charms with Sunforger? I love casual.
Posted By: Kenji18 (10/13/2009 3:59:06 PM)


This charm is nice and neat... it can be Incinerate or semi-Cryptic Command or Recollect in instant form... talk about bargain! :D
Posted By: Marrion (3/3/2009 3:08:59 AM)


This card is great for any deck that can run the colors. For the aggressive deck, you can run a full out attack and choose to tap down your opponents creatures to get every guy in, or play it during their turn to prevent a counter-attack, or get a key creature out of the way, whether or not it's finishing it off after combat or just plain burn. For the more controlling deck, it can stop an attack dead in its tracks, give you back any key card, land or otherwise, and it can still burn away any key creature.
Posted By: Planesjogger (12/29/2008 9:31:10 PM)


This card is ridiculously good. The conbination of abilities is so great I couldn't ask for anything more from it. My one criticism of the card is that the third ability is too good; it's won me the game so many times it's not even fun. The thing is, when you win suddenly by cheaply removing all of their defence you really don't feel like you've earned it. There's just not much pride in a "tap three: naya charm: tap your creatures... that's 20 I believe........ again? no? can't be bothered anymore? I wonder why...".
Posted By: Asinine-Ultimatum (5/11/2009 3:08:40 AM)


Great card, sadly ive never run it due to its color combination. But great for aggro decks. Also works well in budget 5cc decks that need a Cryptic Command "fog" effect. I definitely would run 4.
Posted By: EpicSeven (6/22/2009 5:06:31 PM)


A red/green/white instant that can work great in aggro or control decks, nicely done.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/6/2009 4:03:25 PM)


my only problem is the sleep-esque effect is too good. I feel like I cant use the other effects because I'm losing such a good effect. Otherwise, love this card so much, has won me many a game.
Posted By: JacksJokeShop (8/6/2009 4:04:22 PM)


I used this in my pyromancer ascension deck.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (2/28/2013 10:01:11 PM)


Choose one:

Destroy target chump blocker/hose ability; or return unfortunate Doom Blade victim to your hand; or creatures you control are unblockable this turn

3.7 stars? I don't think so

A solid 4, possibly 4.5

Posted By: RazorYeti (4/25/2014 7:05:45 PM)


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