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Jarad's Orders, this guy into grave and ANY creature (prolly elf) and you got yourself a +2CA (recursion to hand, and draw upon ETB)
Posted By: GunG12aVe (9/25/2012 5:10:20 PM)


i can see their faces..
Posted By: Hydrogoose (3/15/2009 6:40:43 AM)


I thought it was pretty good before I realized it cantriped.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/2/2012 4:48:58 PM)


Confirmed for Modern Masters as an uncommon.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (5/26/2013 10:42:10 PM)


It also has a very nice interaction with Bloodbond March, since you'll almost always be able to return all of them to the battlefield once you've gotten them into your graveyard. Just play a creature, pay {g}{g} to return this guy and then replay him to both fill up your hand and strengthen your board presence by alot
Posted By: exterion (11/18/2010 5:27:21 AM)


this seems comparable to bloodbraid elf. both are 4 cmc 3/2 elves. masked admirers draws a card, bloodbraid elf cascades into one. then the biggest differences are that the masked admirers are mono green and that bloodbraid elf trades in masked admirers' recursion ability for haste; that is, a late game, mana costly (if you pay for it to return to your hand and then replay it) abilty for a speedier one. bloodbraid elf has it beat by a lot in my opinion.
Posted By: heenaheena (2/1/2011 7:47:52 PM)


Ooh, I like it! I could use some in my MonoGreenControl idea!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (12/20/2011 1:14:10 PM)


I'm still puzzled by the fact that this is a 'group creature' that doesn't have a P/T that's equal to the amount of creatures seen in the art (so each of them would represent a 1/1 Elf).
Maybe the one who bows down in the middle symbolizes that he gets caught off-guard, so we're only left with two toughness from the other elves to his left and his right? Does this make sense?

About the card itself, i'd say it's really reliable. Getting a 3/2 cantrip for four mana is alright, especially if you can easily return him from your graveyard the next time you pay an extra two mana with the next creature you cast (which, again, kind of works like a cantrip). The creature types are also useful.
It bugs me a bit that it requires GreenGreen and not 2, but Wizards probably didn't want decks to benefit from that card without running green.

They would make a great pick in limited.
Posted By: Mode (8/26/2012 5:30:54 AM)


Also good as a draw engine for Heartless Summoning decks.
Posted By: Vogie (10/30/2012 6:48:25 PM)


can someone explain to me the flavor of having creepy elves admire you while wearing masks?
i mean, I understand the beauty obsessed, racist, punk elves from Lorwyn, but why the mask? so they wouldn't get their ugly all over your beauty? what?
Posted By: WannabeJedi1337 (1/6/2013 2:58:53 AM)