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The first ability works beautifully with other mana acceleration cards for summoning big cards early on in the game. Even if he is summmoned on only turn four as long as there are a couple creatures out the chances of him dying are probably low. His second ability is good when your low on creatures but otherwise not all that great. The last ability (Overrun for new player unfamiliar with the game) is devestating if you used his first ability to get big creatures out.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/9/2009 1:52:15 PM)


Actually, hawk_man and starkiller, I think they have the same helmet because it's the same artist.

Posted By: Forgeling (8/15/2009 10:46:15 AM)


He has amazing synergy with Sarkhan Vol, and if you're playing Naya, he works extraordinarily well with Ajani Goldmane as well. Ajani's second ability gives all your creatures a permanent +1/+1, Sarkhan gives all your creatures +1/+1 and haste til eot, and Garruk casts Overrun. That's almost as powerful as Titanic Ultimatum.
Posted By: trancebam (5/21/2009 2:09:38 AM)


I really like that planes walker hes reallllly good i do not admit with ppl that say 3rd ability is like titanic i love him becose he cost me 2 mana all creatures cost 2 mana less and at end he can give nice pv up becose hes easy to defend it do nice combo with token doubling!!
Posted By: WitcherRage (5/29/2009 1:53:11 PM)


Why does he have the ame helmet as Venser, Shaper Savant?
Posted By: starkiller2 (11/14/2008 7:50:51 AM)


plainswalkers love the enchantment, doubling season, with that, garruk comes in with 6, can be bumped to 8, go down to 5 and have 2 3/3 or unleash overrun right away

plus, a few enchanted lands, fertile ground, overgrowth, tap 2 overgrowth, add 6 mana to pool, summon garruk with 2 mana still in pool, untap, you still have 2 in pool and another 6 at least on field, or fertile grounds, free plainswalker, plus the right enchantments on land, Nicol, turn 5 at latest, hellkite overlord, godsire, empyrical archangel, all turn 6.......
Posted By: Dingo777 (5/6/2009 9:05:05 AM)


i will say garruk is good, he basically gives u mana, makes creatures, and buffs them. but thats it. the mana thing becomes close to useless toward the end of the game. making creatures... helps build an army, but those 3/3s wont stand up to bigger creatures, which all colors have. his last ability is a great buff, but it wont have a huge effect, black will weaken the creatures to the point where the gain did at least next to nothing, red will just kill the creatures, white will have too much life to matter, and can nuetralize the attack, and blue... well garruk would no doubt have been countered. green is really all that the last ability will have a lasting impression on. garruk is good, but a lot of the other plainswalkers are better, period.
Posted By: Elven_planeswalker (5/27/2009 5:28:01 PM)


Ok question about the first ability of Garruk Wildspeaker and others with that ability like Arbor Elf, let’s say you have a card in your hand that cost 5 mana but have only 3 lands and you have Garruk out. Could you use his first ability to play the card? Same question with the elf if you hand four lands.
Posted By: GodWars (6/10/2011 6:46:18 PM)


Add four to every green deck you have. Really.
Posted By: Mistform_Mage (11/11/2008 3:23:22 PM)


I gave this card a low rating. Not because I think it's a bad card, but because I think it's too good. No spell should be able to put a 3/3 token into play for 3 turns straight for only 4 mana. Not to mention it's other abilities.
Posted By: Jedi1josh (4/20/2009 3:31:19 PM)


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