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Niv-Mizzet + Curiosity is an infinite loop combo, adding this to the mix gives you another infinite loop combo that is much harder to control, and thus much more likely to inadvertently kill yourself by milling.

draw 1, doubled, 2 damage, draw 2, doubled, 4 damage, draw 4, doubled, 8 damage, draw 8, doubled, 16 damage, draw 16, doubled, 32 damage, draw 32, doubled, 64 damage, draw 64...

The only benefit is if you want to unload a large amount of Niv-Mizzet's damage onto creatures, though when you have an infinite loop damaging your opponent, you'll probably just want to kill them outright.
Posted By: Atali (2/25/2011 1:19:01 AM)


You draw 4 cards zee
Posted By: Qazior (7/29/2009 3:45:00 AM)


I hope they reprint this with Affinity for Artifacts. That way it would only cost three in an artifact heavy deck, which this would go in to.
One thing you have to remember is card advantage is a HUGE advantage. Having one of of these out for eight turns makes it "fair." Having one out for ten turns makes it amazing. Having three out for even five turns makes it better than four Ancestral Recall.
This card is expensive on purpose. If this was any less than five it would be broken, and possibly banned, if not restricted.
Posted By: greyhour (10/10/2010 7:34:58 AM)


Quick question, what would happen if you have two of the said enchantments in play. would you draw three cards for each card drawn, still only draw two, or would you create an infinite draw loop?

The infinite loop im thinking is when you draw a card, the first cards ability goes on the stack with the second, then when you draw the second card for the first enchanments ability, you would draw an additional card for the second enchanments ablity, then when you draw a card for the second enchanments ability, the first would go on the stack again, etc etc etc. Am i thinking this right or am i missing something?

Nizz-mizet any one?
Posted By: Zee101 (7/14/2009 6:43:21 AM)


It's a replacement effect, not a triggered ability. Therefore it never goes on the stack. You would only draw one extra card, no matter how many Thought Reflections you have.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (10/2/2009 7:21:50 PM)


Less fun than Doubling Season, more expensive and harder to build a deck around. This is a fun card, but too expensive for what it has. By the time you can play this, you should already be well established; card advantage will only get you so far.
Posted By: SleetFox (4/8/2010 8:55:25 PM)


I think you're also wrong, Qazior. This is a replacement effect, therefore if you have two of these in play, due to layer rules, the latest permanent played which replaces drawing cards for something different would take effect, so you would still end up drawing two cards.
Posted By: Mode (9/26/2009 3:40:52 AM)


The ruling is self-conflicting. It states that the effect us multiple Thought Reflections in play is cumulative, which means additive, or that that for each card you draw, instead you draw 2+2+2... 2 for each Thought Reflection =6 not 8. The example in the ruling says that you would draw 8 derived from 2x2x2 which is multiplicative not cumulative. When in play, if you are challenged, which part of the ruling holds, the definition which would mean the function is additive/cumulative (6), or the example which would imply the function is multiplicative?
Posted By: Jacewalker (5/11/2011 6:42:33 AM)


Wow this is absolute crap
Posted By: Messatsunokami (5/21/2009 3:25:56 PM)


Mana-intensive fun with Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur. One of these days I'll put a Jin Commander deck together with this in it. It'll be fun.
Posted By: Salient (12/14/2011 5:14:59 PM)