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im starting to lower my opinion of this hybrid enchantment cycle. of course they can be powerful, when given a bunch of multi color creatures to work with, but when you start to have less and less multis, their key strength lapses into flexibility. now flexibility is nice, but the cards also create an annoying tension where i don't feel like im getting full value unless i put it on a multi color creature. for me this tension is so strong that i would rather not play the card, and for the most part have not played these cards much.
Posted By: davidhuman (2/24/2009 11:30:01 AM)


MattMedia is wrong about why Naya Hushblade cant use this. Hybrid is Multicolored in what the rules needs. the differentiation is in mana symbols, not card classification.
Posted By: darkfury (11/3/2009 7:43:56 PM)


The Art Is Really Cool Good Flavor Mechanics As Well
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (5/25/2009 9:42:44 PM)


Naya Hushblade does not get its bonus from this card (which is still kind of good) because the card is a hybrid color not a multicolor that it requires. still a very kick arse card in any naya deck
Posted By: Mattmedia (10/22/2009 5:48:25 PM)


Aah! I can't even say how many times I've lost against this card.
Posted By: Alqatrkapa (2/17/2010 7:42:58 PM)


A very powerful card.
Posted By: RowanKeltizar (6/2/2010 7:20:20 PM)



hybrid cards are style muti colored....
Posted By: vomitron6000 (10/4/2010 5:23:38 PM)


A great card. While Shield of the Oversoul is the better enchantment for Naya, I love it because I love R/W and this card often allows me to turn losing situations into either stabilized ones or just straight victories. Double strike and First strike creatures make this card ridiculous, and it's a good way to make use of any stray mana lying around.

Sometimes, I end up slapping this onto a Balefire Liege, just so I can heal an extra 3 whenever I cast a red spell. Casting a Lightning Helix and gaining 9 life is not bad, though I definitely prefer putting Scourges on creatures I'm more inclined to attack with.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (12/26/2010 6:07:07 PM)


Borderline outrageous when paired with Oros, the avenger
Posted By: Kyzar (3/1/2011 7:24:59 PM)


Incorrect (unless you only mean dual color enchantments that give the +1/+1 for each color type.) Shielding Plax is by it's very nature better for the entire reason you give Shield of the Oversoul, except it does it twice! It draws you a card AND keeps you from getting 2 for 1'd by protecting your creature.

Posted By: blurrymadness (6/13/2011 11:10:42 PM)


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