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Hell, this card is so sweet, I hard cast it in my Blue/Green deck. This is extremely effective in multiplayer games where you know what's in your opponent's deck. I love searching through white decks and playing Wrath of God or searching for my friend's Curse of the Cabal.

I even hit a mill deck with their own Traumatize just for giggles. (that and I didn't want them to draw into it)

This card is a solid 4/5.
Posted By: dberry02 (12/9/2010 5:24:24 AM)


Eye of the storm+lightning bolt and this. Thanks, Rainyday!
Posted By: land_comment (2/26/2011 6:55:14 PM)


"The first thing I'd like to point out is that you are eliminating a specific card from your opponent's deck. It's a bit like Jester's Cap or Nevermore in that way- lots of decks, this can plain cripple if you take their big bomb win condition. That would be worth 3U without the prowl keyword, so in Rogue Tribal it's already just fine."

Extract. You're welcome.

But seriously though, searching through an opponent's library and exiling one copy an instant or sorcery would be TERRIBLE at 3U. What if their only instants/sorceries are things like Rampant Growth that aren't relevant turn 4-ish anyway? Splashing black for Memoricide in your otherwise blue deck is much better if you really want to cast something for 4 that doesn't affect board position and barely affects your opponent's future draws anyway.

But on to the card itself.

Your later conclusion that every commander deck should run this...no, just no. Sure there's going to be times when it w
... (see all)
Posted By: Sliver_Legion (2/17/2013 2:47:33 PM)


If they printed this in Urza's block it would say "Target player's library." XD
Posted By: mrchuckmorris (9/30/2013 2:23:54 PM)


Combos with your opponent's Yawgmoth's Will.
Posted By: DrJack (10/29/2013 10:55:48 PM)


No, do not shove rogues into your EDH deck for this. It is powerful enough at full price.
Posted By: Tearthesky (2/4/2014 7:40:57 PM)


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