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This guy gives Wall of Denial a run for it's money.
That two power makes a huge difference.
The fact that it lacks shroud does too, however...
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/20/2012 12:19:31 PM)


Uh, nowhere on this card does it say Wall or Defender. He will smash yo face when you let him through and i switch his power and toughness.
T4: this guy
T5: make it unblockable Goblin tunneler or crafty pathmage are my favorites, but any 1 -2 mana instant works too, attack, flip P/T with Dwarven Thaumaturgistor Merfolk Thaumaturgist or a 1 or 2 cost switch P/T instant, Fling or instant doublestrike, if they can't do anything about it, GG.

You can probably find a way to get him out faster. other shinannigans include meekstone and Ensnaring Bridge, but that is just being mean. 5/5 for Annihilation of my foe in less than 100 dawns.
Posted By: NinjaShadow (2/9/2012 12:32:19 PM)


5/5 simply for being a vanilla rare. Always cool to see.
Strange that all the playable ones are white.
That would be pretty cool to see a mythic-rare vanilla someday...
Posted By: Raexs (11/11/2012 1:13:44 PM)


For whatever reason, I find it interesting that "Moran" rhymes with "Doran." A cryptic hint, perhaps...?
Posted By: Kirbster (11/15/2012 12:52:23 PM)


5 stars for being an exciting non-legendary vanilla rare.
Posted By: kiseki (6/1/2011 6:06:29 PM)


this card is sick, especially in EDH when your legendary creature is doran...
Posted By: pimplez (2/18/2010 7:20:23 AM)


I still don't get why a tree should be white...
Posted By: Dregrage (3/29/2010 9:26:57 AM)


Absolutely insane with Doran (effectively 10/10 for 4 mana with no real drawback), but not as good as it looks without him. Taken by itself, this is just another critter with 2 power for 4 mana - not exactly the stuff of which tournament wins are made.
Posted By: jeff-heikkinen (8/1/2009 4:16:56 PM)


When I first saw this card, my mind automatically gave it defender and wrote it off as "mediocre". Now, when I started building my Doran EDH deck, I sumbled upon this card. My face was literaly O.O
Posted By: Todris052 (6/18/2012 12:08:12 PM)


You can- simplify to 1/5. But surely it deserves more than that.

2/10 for 4 mana with no drawback. And blocking those fatties. Wow. Doran makes it mad too.

5/5 (or 10/10)
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (3/22/2011 1:57:28 AM)


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