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Not that bad of a card, but it takes a turn or 2 to make it a 6/6
Posted By: Guest2146443305 (6/26/2009 10:03:53 PM)


-Oh and guys, if I'm not mistaken, they are wasps :P

I've been so tempted to make a deck with all the hatchlings, and four vampire hexmage's. You can have a nice 6/6 creature with various abilities by turn four. I just need to figure out a way to make more of the hexmage's or get them back. Maybe I'll throw in some reinforcements, that way I can draw three hexmage's. Eh, there's plenty of regen spells out there.

Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/11/2010 7:04:36 PM)


I don't like it. Unless you wait to play it, it'll come out as a 2/2 and it might just get killed by something. I think there are better cards.
Posted By: SSpidey86 (10/7/2009 1:12:26 PM)


A 2/2 with first strike for four mana is pretty bad. This is a situational card at best.
Posted By: wholelottalove (9/29/2012 7:09:38 AM)


First strike is really powerful, but I hate that this has the same manacost as many of the planeswalkers in the same colors :(
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (8/15/2011 2:03:03 PM)


Posted By: Steinhauser (2/28/2012 1:26:58 PM)


It's like...anti-Phyrexia. In Mirran colors.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/18/2012 11:27:18 AM)


"Wizards claim that "embody the raw forces of nature." You know, like the raw force of a tentacle-dog with bees in its mouth, and when it barks, it shoots bees at you!"
Posted By: Arachnos (1/3/2014 8:18:52 AM)


This + Fate Transfer
Posted By: Young_Wolf (5/6/2014 9:57:36 AM)


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