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This+lure=best creature in Legends (which really isn't saying much...)
Posted By: D0UBLE_A (11/30/2010 2:07:43 PM)


Bad. Your opponent will just not block it.
Posted By: shadowf0x (7/23/2009 11:57:13 AM)


Interesting misprint, but as shadowfix said, no one will block him, unless you use the usual tricks...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (11/24/2009 10:40:51 PM)


Wonderfully overcosted, although the rampage value is high enough to be fun, in theory.

If he only cost 2RR, I could justify it, but at 2RRR, nah... what is with poor red creatures costing 5 mana?
Posted By: Radagast (9/15/2012 9:19:08 AM)


Wait...did they actually mispell the card in the printed version? Not sure.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/28/2009 12:31:05 PM)


This used to be a 'Kilrathi', right?

Posted By: Hanksingle (8/25/2011 9:53:51 AM)


actually your oponent will block him, with a 4/4 killing him easily.
rampage only gives him +3/+3 for each creature AFTER the first one that blocks him, meaning if they block with just one creature he is still a 2/4.

rampage is one of the worst mechanics ever.
Posted By: supershawn (4/6/2011 1:45:42 PM)


great back in the day in a red/green. give him Lure+trample for a win con. Now, not so much
Posted By: richardshort (11/14/2011 4:59:54 PM)


revenge of the hunted on this when playing against tokens would make this card worth while. He has been waiting 15 years to do it , someone make it happen.
Posted By: Mindbend (12/9/2012 8:04:13 AM)


Why did Wizards errata this to the right name? Well, it's obvious, but WHY WIZARDS WHY?!?!?
Posted By: SentientAndGodlike (3/10/2012 1:23:23 PM)