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Before rule changes:
A first turn drop uncommon that kill a 2/2 4.5/5!!!

After rule changes:
Average uncommon... I believe that the next time this would be printed, it will be common.
Posted By: SwordSkill (12/25/2009 3:06:12 PM)


Okay, I was having a game with a mate of mine. Used my Mogg to block his 2/2 creature, and wanted to sack him at the end to kill his 2/2. He told me that the new rules state that this can't be done anymore, is this true?
Posted By: warhound165 (7/30/2010 2:55:17 AM)


Why is this in just about every red deck now? I want to explain a bit.. It's almost immune to removal. The sacrifice ability allows it to 'evade' an effect against it to deal 1 point of damage to something before it dies. You can also use this as a little bomb towards the end of the game to deliver the last few remaining points of damage. In many cases this card will also often be unblocked since if it is blocked you can often kill the creature that is blocking it before it dies. It fits the theme of burn / sligh perfectly it is a 1 drop and it can be used very aggressively. No less than 5 stars should be given.
Posted By: Hovercraft (4/18/2009 4:33:29 PM)


Little Mogg Fantastic is no longer broken, now it's just great. The creatureless creature keeps on giving!
Posted By: Locohead (9/10/2009 2:37:47 AM)


Poor good old Mogg... f*****g "new" combat rules !
Posted By: True_Smog (11/3/2009 1:23:44 AM)


@warhound165: Yes. Combat damage no longer uses the stack but is its own step. So if the sac ability is used during the "play abilities and instants" step right before the combat damage step, it won't be around to deal damage.

I'll probably get flamed/rated low for this, but I very strongly agree with the rule changes. I always found it a bit cheap and gimmicky that a creature that isn't there can deal combat damage.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (8/30/2010 4:05:13 PM)


I really don't understand what the point of removing the fact that combat damage was on the stack was. To make the game easier to understand for newer players? Yeah, we have Portal for that, WotC.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (5/27/2010 5:14:18 PM)


good with a needle drop to kill storm crow
Posted By: DaaNz (3/23/2009 5:37:04 AM)


mogg maniac...
Posted By: supershawn (3/22/2010 1:32:36 PM)


@GruesomeGoo: No, we don't "have Portal for that". WotC stopped making Portal sets years ago, and the last Portal set printed goes for big bucks now due to how hard it is to get.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (7/9/2011 3:18:32 PM)