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Torpor Orb kills every other grixis deck out there, but makes this guy just incredible.
Posted By: thesilverpaladin (6/26/2011 7:28:46 AM)


Wow, can anyone say EDH?
that would be a wicked general with all the unearth and token generation effects.
throw some shroud on that baby and you got something going
Posted By: majinmonkey (10/19/2009 4:05:41 PM)


Considering how all the cards of the time, ice age/empires/etc were awful, i would have been fine with letting my opponent draw 2 of their awful cards and sacrificing 2 of my awful creatures to get this rape stick.

these days, not so much.
Posted By: metalevolence (6/21/2010 1:05:58 AM)


I can't help but love this guy - he's a goddamn 10/4. I mean, what's up with that. The fact that he's a cheap regenerator and only costs 4 mana is just more enticing.

Furthermore, his unwieldly drawbacks only add to his charm, like the old-school demon cards. It takes smarter playing and involves the weighing of, and planning around, risks. It adds strategizing and depth to the game. Much better than "Durr, I have 5 mana so I'll play Baneslayer Angel and attack with it a lot. Me likes chockomut ice cream."

Long live the ki- er, lord!
Posted By: Kirbster (11/13/2010 8:59:11 PM)


Stifle to counter his trigger when he comes into play to make him a 10/4 with regenerate and no downside?
Posted By: Conical (10/2/2009 11:23:58 PM)


Easily my favorite card. I just wish I could finally figure out what to use in a UBR deck. It's stuff like him, Prince of Thralls, and Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker that make me want to abuse that color combo.
Posted By: Megapossum (1/21/2011 8:41:27 PM)


ok snaxme seriously im sick of every good card having some1 comment saying swords to plowshares, terminate, path to exile and all that stuff. no kidding its part of the game every card no matter how amazing has a way to get rid of it that doesnt mean every1 has to call it a worse card because of it. yes tresserhorn isnt as good as it once was back in the day with all the crazy newer cards out there but hes still a 10/4 regen of 1 for 4 mana. thats pretty good. and hes a sick looking card and i love just owning 1. his drawback isnt even that bad either. if they dont have any of those removals u can get a 10 power creature out with regen on turn 4!
Posted By: Diabloboy (3/23/2010 5:41:01 PM)


10-4, good buddy!
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (12/31/2009 11:09:28 PM)


Interesting, brutal, and pure evil. A 10/4 on turn four can mean disaster for the opponent, but is it worth paying the additional costs? The answer is yes. Lets review this in a checklist form: 1) Pay two life - its a small amount that shouldn't effect the player too much, 2) Sacrifice two creatures - by turn four the player should easily have at least two meek creatures that they can throw away, and 3) Target opponent draws two cards - actually that can be hazardous, allowing the opponent card advantage usually is never a good idea, but it isn't the end of the world (or game). The result of these price's: a 10/4 with regenerate. Almost all the time this is effective, except for when the opponent plays non-regenerating removal; essentially turning the Tresserhorn into a big easy kill target. Also without any evasion the Tresserhorn becomes vulnerable to meek chunp blockers that prevent the owner from damaging the opponent. Although black does have a lot of removal and evasion... (see all)
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/11/2009 7:52:28 PM)


i know the odds of this opening hand are really low, but
Turn one, swamp/mountain->Manaforge cinder
Turn two, swamp/mountain-> use the ability (if needed) to convert to black and drop Festering Goblin
Turn three, swamp/mountain-> Once again, use the ability to Underworld Dreams
Turn four, island and drop Lord of Tresserhorn, sac the cinder and the goblin, take out a weenie with the goblin's ability, pay the two life willingly, knowing that your opponent's only gain was drawing two cards, which caused them to drop two life as well. The Cinder makes mana-fixing excellent. Even if you don't get the cinder/dreams/goblin, Lord of Tresserhorn still kicks your opponent in the face and is worth the drawback. Also he's black so he's just a little bit harder to remove. No Doom Blade or Dark Banishing him :D
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (7/31/2010 3:01:25 PM)