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Other Red Land/Board Wipes...impending disaster, apocalypse, obliterate, decree of annihilation, worldfire, Bust, devastation, epicenter
Posted By: Zoroaster85 (2/6/2013 6:59:08 PM)


I love this card so much... To see the look on my fellow players' faces when they witness all of their work being destroyed is priceless =D
Posted By: Guest1655971802 (6/3/2009 1:42:42 PM)


This being your last card in hand + The Cheese Stands Alone in play, or the Future Sight tournament-legal reprint (i don't remember its name >_<) = GAME
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/11/2010 9:58:02 PM)


Jokulhaups+Land Tax + Seismic assault
Posted By: Phoenix1901 (4/15/2011 1:05:44 PM)



That'd be Barren Glory.


Seriously? They were mad at you for wiping the board in an EDH game? That kind of stuff should be expected in the format. It's their own or their deck's fault if they couldn't come up with an answer.

But yeah, this is awesome for that purpose.
Posted By: Gelzo (12/10/2010 2:27:31 AM)


It destroys lands? Thats just brutal.
Posted By: JFM2796 (9/12/2011 2:24:55 PM)


@ Bab4m - I was wondering why that would be game over...then I realised...that's EVIL!
Posted By: Alsebra (9/21/2011 1:49:16 PM)


Here me out on this and correct me if i'm wrong. If you tap some lands or use any other kind of mana generation card, it stays in your pool even if you destroy the lands right ? So if i were to get 12 mana and cast Worldgorger Dragon It removes from the game all the permanents i control. That card costs 6 mana (3c3r). Then with the 6 other mana left, i would cast Jokulhaups to destroy everyone elses artifacts, creatures and lands. Yes my Worldgorger Dragon would get destroyed as well, but i would get all my permanents back while every other players would have nothing left since when the dragon leaves play it brings back my cards at the same time.

What do you guys think ? Is this possible to do ?

Posted By: Hakege (12/28/2011 7:28:19 PM)


it seals the deal with curse of misfortunes
Posted By: bantar (6/18/2012 5:09:57 PM)


For those wondering:

Jokulhaups, noun: the flood of water etc that occurs when a volcano erupts underneath a glacier. Etymology: Icelandic.

*The More You Know*
Posted By: SolidSoldier (2/8/2011 10:13:01 PM)