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Absolutely terrifying. I made a deck based around Kobolds and dropping this guy and about 3 Kobolds means that next turn you're going to be swinging for 10 damage.

Also, if there's one thing I think is particularly cool about this guy, it's the fact that he helps you defensively too. I don't see that buff too often though because you have to block someone with him to do it, and that's gonna get him dead more likely than not.
Posted By: NARFNra (6/26/2013 8:43:25 AM)


He is one of my favorite cards ever. He was my commander for my goblin EDH for the longest time until i got a copy of krenko and then he just went in as a regular card. He's the perfect definition of a glass cannon, and can often result in a one or two hit kill, and then if i have to chump block with all my goblins, they turn into a VERY powerful blocking force. Also, combos very well with Aurelia, but what doesnt't? Great card.
Posted By: ValdrAlfykyn12 (9/29/2013 6:36:21 PM)


Not bad at deterring attacks coming your way in multiplayer, as the "all blocking creatures" includes opponent's creatures blocking as well. On attack… well, he's nearly a replayable Craterhoof Behemoth. Bit fragile, but smack on a Whispersilk Cloak or Darksteel plate, and he's good to go.
Posted By: BobbySinclair (12/16/2013 3:44:56 AM)


Reconnaissance anyone? Attack with everything you have, then just say never mind for anything that's going to die. You get pseudo vigilance too.
Posted By: jonrds (1/29/2014 11:43:48 PM)


Krenko's right-hand man. Just need to give this guy indestructible, unblockable, or regenerate.
Posted By: Ruffigan (3/23/2014 12:04:54 PM)