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A lot of you guys aren't correctly applying the ruling that swerve must target a legal target.
-- you cannot swerve cruel ultimatum unless you're in a multiplayer game. that card says "target opponent" and he can't target himself.
-- you can swerve virtually every counterspell, even last word. main spell goes on stack, opponent casts counterspell, you swerve counterspell to target swerve (you apparently cannot have counterspell target itself). some people have a problem with this because the counterspell is now targeting something higher than it on the stack, but there's apparently no rule against that. the swerve is now highest on the stack, resolves changing the counter's target. then the counter, which targeted an already resolved spell fizzles. then the main spell resolves.
-- you can swerve auras. eldrazi con***ion? i'll take that.
-- you cannot swerve anything onto any of your creatures... (see all)
Posted By: ishkabibble (5/27/2010 2:40:01 AM)


I really love this card. I usually play with my red-blue control that takes a long time to achieve its win condition, and I get to lose coz my opponent would play banefire on me with X more than 5 and can't be countered.. But with this card... hehehe... He gets to eat his own banefire. hehehe.. >)
Posted By: Lymphnut (1/3/2010 4:09:22 AM)


.Fighter. - this card changes the target, the target must be legal, so if you think of it: an opponent is a foe of the caster, hence the caster cannot be targeted as an opponent. But this card can single change the tide of the game with a well placed removal redirection/damage spell/uber-aura steal, etc. really useful.
Posted By: WER386 (3/10/2010 3:27:35 AM)


I think the people of Wizards were all sitting around one day, somewhat bored, and one man said to another, How many times do you think i could use the word "Target" in one small sentence? and this card was born
Posted By: Taj_Palace (11/6/2009 8:12:28 PM)


I swerve your swerve,
to swerve my swerve,
to swerve your swerve,
to swerve my swerve,
to swerve your swerve...
other guy: uuuuuuuuuugh *face table*
Posted By: Geigan (3/31/2010 10:59:44 PM)


Tip: You can play this in response to an aura being played onto a creature, since the aura specifically has to target a creature as it comes into play.
Posted By: nammertime (12/21/2009 7:08:34 AM)


"OK, I deal 17 damage with my banefire. It can't be countered so it looks like that's game..."

"Yea... I guess it is game. I win"

(Play swerve)

Posted By: BiOhyBr (6/12/2010 6:21:14 AM)


Target target target that targets target target's target.

Posted By: Studoku (7/18/2011 6:38:14 PM)


I use this to avoid on-comming traffic
Posted By: KnightofAlara (4/11/2010 8:09:17 PM)


This is one of the best instants in this block. If you are playing red and blue, then you should run 4 of them. This card causes pure disruption in your opponent's plans. I already liked playing blue and red together before this, but now it's just sexy.
Posted By: Agent1103 (9/1/2009 6:01:31 PM)


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