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I used this in an EDH game against my mate's Sharuum deck, removed a very health graveyard and a 7 card hand full of answers and basically knocked him out the game. Probably not the most efficient way to hate on a graveyard or hand but still a very satisfying card to use.
Posted By: Trent_Almighty (12/20/2011 8:10:59 AM)


"And you may find yourself, in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, and you may ask yourself, how did I get here?"
Posted By: Goatllama (5/5/2012 4:28:32 AM)


This one's either going to break the game wide open or take up space in your hand for a long time. I can see it being a deathblow in decks that can minimize opponents' board presence via repeatable bounce effects but it's not easy to cast and would really hurt to get countered in a control vs control match up.
Posted By: dgregory (4/27/2009 10:17:00 AM)


potentially awesome. how often relevant?
Posted By: davidhuman (4/26/2009 1:53:02 PM)


this is just mean,poor opponent
Posted By: Iiory (7/26/2009 4:49:33 AM)


For some reason I like this card. I think it will be good against reanimation, or unearth. I might substitute the Mind Shatters for this.
Posted By: Messatsunokami (5/21/2009 2:13:50 PM)


This is farily costed. Yes, technically its Magic and everything might as well cost 0 'in the right deck', but 6CMC in Enemy Colors is nothing sneeze at, and more difficult to cheat out, than say, Phyrexian Om Nom Nommer. (Obliterator)

Turn 1-3ing this is just dorky. Please don't, that's mean.
Finding a nice quick way to shave off a mana or two like Everflowing Chalice, and this is a complete bomb on turn 4-5.
If you're Joe Lucky and play with only basic lands, but actually hit Plains, Swamp, Plains, Swamp, Plains, Swamp as your first six land drops, then this is still a completely valid card to play. I wouldn't run more than 3 in a deck though.

It comes down to mana. There isn't a single player who'd say the effect is somehow bad. Its not Cruel Ultimatum, but its very fine indeed. Speaking of Cruel Ultimatum, playing this either before, after, or on the same turn as Cruel Ultimatum...

is a GREAT way to lose a friend forever. works every time xD
Posted By: DarthParallax (7/15/2011 3:39:30 PM)


I like this, but at that cost, I'm afraid there wouldn't be a whole lot for somebody to discard by the time I got to use it, and it would essentially just be an overly expensive Bojuka Bog.

Even though I use four Dark Ritual and four Fetid Heath in my main deck, I still think the chances of getting this into play soon enough for it to be cost-effective is too low, and that makes this very, very situational.

I love the flavor,art, and overall mechanic of this card, but at 2WhiteWhiteBlackBlack, I gotta say no to decking it.
Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (2/6/2011 6:10:53 AM)


Only one word for this card - NASTYSAUCE
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (4/25/2009 9:00:12 PM)


Gotta agree...too spendy. I'll just play a discard deck and slap in some tormod's crypts
Posted By: Tetsu_tora (5/12/2011 1:33:21 PM)


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