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I wanted Dichotomancy to be playable SOO bad, but it wasnt. Not even with a Grozoth deck that could fetch it..easy.

This is like a reverse Dichotomancy, but it costs 2 less and is REALLY color intensive....oh and it only does 5 permanats.

Its OK at best, but I cant fetch it with Grozoth and what kind of combo needs doubles of 5 dudes that hasnt won by the time thye have GGWWWUU.

Not terrible, but not worth GGWWWUU either.
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/14/2008 1:31:31 PM)


This is absolute beast in EDH decks :)
Posted By: mtgraptor (10/24/2010 8:02:47 AM)


Underrated for sure. This is the BANT ultimatum. What's the Bant ability word? that's right, Exalted. If you've got an evasive/unblockable creature ready to go and you fish up 3, 4, maybe even 5 more exalted cards you're easily looking at a 10/10 creature smashing into your opponent's face. And if you happen to have something truly nasty like Rafiq of the Many or Finest Hour on the table (how about 2x of those), Clarion becomes just as much of an "I win" spell as Titanic or maybe even Cruel.

Plus, this spell does terrifying things with Allies, Slivers, or anything else with nice ETB triggers. Just because a spell doesn't say "You win the game" doesn't mean it's not game breakingly powerful. Be a little creative people.
Posted By: dgregory (2/28/2010 3:37:51 PM)


@TheTraitorKing: Not as bad as Violent Ultimatum? I must disagree. Violent is the second best ultimatum next to Cruel Ultimatum. You must never have played, or heard of, the deck that can cast Violent on your 3rd turn and destroy everything your opoonent has on the battefield.

As for this card, it's okay. It's only really useful when you have 4 or more creatures on the battefield, and then you have to hope and pray (not a good way to play magic) that your opponent doesn't cast a Day of Judgment or something of the sort, like my personal favoite board sweeper, Earthquake.
Posted By: opinionfailure (6/6/2010 9:46:01 AM)


Can you also choose a permanent twice?
Posted By: GoGo26 (8/3/2009 4:52:34 AM)


It should've fetched for fewer permanents, but put those permanents into play untapped. The tapped clause really kills this card.
Posted By: mdakw576 (2/22/2010 4:32:23 AM)


i bet this is a real powerhouse in EDH.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (4/8/2012 7:32:40 PM)


The least of the Ultimatum's.
Posted By: Owls_and_More_Owls (8/21/2009 3:03:23 PM)


that's not very jund
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 8:32:59 AM)


At least this isn't as bad as Violent Ultimatum. C'mon, Wizards, take the hint! If you put "Ultimatum" in a card's name, make it something awesome, like the Grixis and Naya ultimatums.
Posted By: TheTraitorKing (12/23/2009 4:57:37 AM)


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