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The worst of the Resounding cycle. In late game, it is far from guaranteed that your opponent will have one card in hand, don't even mention two. So it's not worth it to wait to cycle this card. And it's not really worth the mana cost to just play it either. This card is virtually unplayable.
Posted By: neruka (12/7/2008 4:55:35 PM)


This card SUCKS! I understand that they need to make crummy cards, but WOW this is really bad. One of the worst cards from Shards.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/19/2010 12:30:27 PM)


This must be a joke, blightning's cmc is 3!

Why whould enyone play this?
Posted By: return (3/27/2009 4:20:17 PM)


Ridiculus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a shame!!!
Posted By: PolarisDeNexum (3/3/2010 2:42:13 PM)


Oh, I get it now. These Resoundings are sort of good in EDH where mana is no object. And Hymn with cantrip is alright vs any control build. Especially if it's uncounterable.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/7/2011 10:50:49 PM)


The effect is pretty awesome when you think about it. Instant speed Hymn what draws a card!

Then you get to the cost required to make it happen and that's when this card can *** right off.
Posted By: MRK1 (4/12/2013 11:40:20 PM)


"Sedris, I present you my most diabolical magic. It makes Wit's End look like doo doo compared!"

"Nicol Bolas, I know we're pals and all, but why do I get the feeling that you're just giving me a terrible spell?"

"Because I love you a huggy-bunch, that's why. Now try it on! It may be a bit big for you, but I think you can fit it somewhere..."
Posted By: Ferlord (6/3/2013 7:06:46 AM)


The Resounding cycle was obviously for limited, but OMG do they suck.
Posted By: Earthdawn (6/14/2013 7:21:33 AM)