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Lol WTF xD

A 1/1 bird that prevents regeneration?! O_O
Posted By: Quang (1/28/2010 2:58:47 PM)


They could have made it 0/1 flyer, like Birds of Paradise (why is that card's name in plural?) and balance it that way.

On the other hand Birds of Paradise is an accident, but happy accident as it was realized that the flying counterbalances the all coloured mana by being susceptible to Hurricana. Maybe they wanted Whippoorwill not to be.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/15/2011 4:37:56 AM)


DAMN! This little guy must sail right through other 1/1 weenies like a bullet. There should be more songbirds in MAGIC.
Posted By: Drewsel (6/13/2011 10:46:41 PM)


It's a magical, flightless subspecies, okay? Just pretend that it's sitting on that branch.
Posted By: luca_barelli (12/4/2011 5:40:48 PM)


There are not a lot of creature effects that prevent regeneration so this is pretty cool.
Posted By: MarlinFlake (2/12/2011 10:19:37 AM)


One of the most confusing card, in so far, as most players who see it for the first time assume that it got flying, because of the art.
Well, it allows you to kill creatures which would normally regenerate or have all damage prevented (like creatures with protection from creatures or something). And it's good for killing creatures you don't want to have in your opponents gy (incarnations, creatures that can reanimate itself or have unearth or whatever).

All in all, having to tap it and pay two mana is too annoying.
Posted By: majinara (2/19/2009 12:06:35 PM)


thats one friggen hardcore little avian... With that art I feel like there needs to be a legendary creature called: "Snow White"- Every time a bird you control is tapped, you may deal 3 damage to target creature... I'd buy that deck
Posted By: Jinx585 (1/23/2010 11:03:20 PM)


I did not read what the card does.

I am only here because its name contains the word "hippo".
Posted By: Totema (4/5/2012 12:26:15 AM)


This little bird is completely situational but is almost perfect when those situations arrive. Trolls fear it.

Obligatory why-doesn't-it-fly statement here
Posted By: Laguz (9/28/2009 4:40:36 AM)


I personally wish green got tiny utility fliers... like birds of paradise! It makes sense: nature mages can't summon drakes and dragons and whatnot, but why not wrens and crows and parrots?
Posted By: KrosanGardener (11/16/2009 1:03:35 PM)