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Right up there with Day of Judgement, Planar Cleansing and ofc, Wrath of God
Posted By: Eggroll (1/7/2010 8:26:11 AM)


At first this card turned me off because it's effect would kill off all of my creatures too. Now I realize that tends not to matter in most cases, since your opponent is left with nothing and you've got at least 5 soldier tokens that might be effected by Honor of The Pure or Glorious Anthem, or what have you. Coat of Arms maybe? Plus this card could really save the day if you're in a pinch.
Posted By: CSM-101 (10/6/2009 7:47:29 PM)


i want to try it with dauntless escort and mirror-sigil sergeant
Posted By: Sigil_Warrior (6/8/2009 6:36:52 AM)


Totally unfair in Limited. If you play it for WW5 or more - which is a very reasonable amount of mana in Limited - you just win. Every time.

See also: Lavalanche, which is even more unfair because you never have to sandbag creatures and it's a blowout on as little as 6 or even 5 mana.

Please stop making cards like this.

- Sol
Posted By: solmalka (6/15/2009 12:01:26 AM)


I really want to run this with Ghost Away
Posted By: Catmurderer (12/7/2009 2:53:52 PM)


Using this withGlorious Anthem leaves you with absurd amounts of 2/2 tokens.

Posted By: snakeform_lol (4/18/2009 6:06:19 PM)


Amazing artwork and flavor. Also field advantage as mentioned previously.
Posted By: h4mx0r (7/28/2009 3:36:09 PM)


I like it. Warth of God with creature geniration.
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (5/14/2009 3:26:46 AM)


Lol, you think that's bad? I have a deck I play in Casual that has this + Crucible of Worlds, Fastbond, and Zuran Orb, which basically means I can do this for infinite (you tap a land for Mana, sac for two life, bring it back with Crucible and repeat with Fastbond, which only does 1 damage to you so you come out ahead by 1 life each time you do it, so you also gain infinite life).
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (7/26/2009 1:54:50 PM)


How about extended legal:

Turn 1: Plains, Memnite

Turn 2: Plains, Gold Myr

Turn 3: Plains, Gold Myr, Gold Myr

Turn 4: Plains, Myr Galvanizer, Myr Galvanizer

Turn 5: Silence, Infinite Coup
Posted By: PhyrexianAdvocate (1/17/2011 11:07:57 PM)


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