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people didnt tell anything about sharuum the hegemon
Posted By: GoGo26 (8/1/2009 3:01:07 AM)


i love this card :D
Posted By: LordOvermind (7/16/2009 3:36:13 AM)


Awesome card: an inexpensive powerful flyer that works great in combination with Sanctum Gargoyle, Kaleidostone, Parasitic Stryx, Ethersworn Shieldmage, probably others I'm sure. Or throw in an ornithopter and never have to pay mana to recast after the bounce.

Question: Does Esperzoa's ability allow you to bounce back creatures of yours that have been exiled, ala Oblivion Ring?
Posted By: Poconos (8/24/2009 12:00:11 PM)


I like to use this to bounce an ornathopter for glassdust hulk's ability. Much hardier and 2 less than master transmuter for this purpose.
Posted By: mkniffen (8/13/2009 1:30:17 PM)


welding jar could work nicely too.
Posted By: htmlfreak (11/29/2009 5:11:39 PM)


agreed, i wonder if the artist is a fan
Posted By: jugglingguy (12/12/2009 10:51:11 AM)


bad@ss jellyfish, so awesome
Posted By: ZombieSnail (7/10/2010 10:49:45 PM)


I'd be pretty freaked out to see a lightning-wrathed jelly listlessly floating at me. But it seems really powerful with come into play effects. Imagine the hijinx with a Myr Battlesphere.
Posted By: Zauren (11/9/2011 5:58:43 PM)


it looks so cute :P
Posted By: Kabolt (12/10/2011 7:21:00 PM)


This guy is awesome. 4/3 flying for three is GREAT. the fact he's an artifact makes him even better. he can let you get repeatable etb effects, or just bounce a memnite that you can cast again straight away.
Posted By: OstravaBoletaria (1/23/2014 3:12:57 PM)