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Posted By: Nerobyrne (11/30/2009 4:01:35 PM)


I love that this old Ice Age card can straight kill the new uber creatures like Progenitus, and Emrakul.

Lava Burst slayer of gods!

Of course, like I said on the Emrakul page- if you're going to drop that much mana for an X spell you may as well just sling it at your opponents face.
Posted By: PhyrexianLobbiest (6/16/2010 12:15:20 AM)


Im not sure about Protection vs. this. How is Protection worded? does it prevent you from targeting the creatures, or does it simply prevent damage being dealt to them by the things it has protection from? If, indeed, you can legally target them (which I believe you can), then a NORMAL card would be stopped at this point by the damage prevention, but I do believe that, in fact, Progenitus and Emrakul CAN DIE TO LAVA BURST. correct me if I'm wrong. if this is true, then Lava Burst and any other 'damage cannot be prevented' spell are the most powerful 'Blaze-Plus' in the game.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/18/2011 11:38:54 PM)


Lava Burst was the first Fireball clone to suck.

No way, you say? Go look at the awesome array of damage prevention and redirection effects we had available in the Ice Age era. There was... Samite Healer! ...and... Healing Salve! (Note Lava Burst can't prevent you from using Healing Salve to just gain 3 life, and even Samite Healer could prevent 1 of the damage if the target was you rather than a creature.)

I think there were a couple other awful white creatures who prevented damage (that never even saw play in casual decks), but seriously, Lava Burst might as well have read "Effects which would plauphenate or transmorgify this damage can't take effect."

Still, "Overkill? This isn't a game of Kick-the-Ouphe!" is classic, and makes it all worthwhile. Sometimes I quote that when I manage to headshot a couple people in Counterstrike.
Posted By: Salient (8/31/2011 9:47:24 PM)


"or dealt instead to another creature or player."

We need more clauses like this on {X} burn these days.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/31/2011 2:33:54 AM)


If you target a creature, this spell cant be shunt and gets through master healer. But protection from red would save the damage, because this spell targets and cannot target something with protection from red.

Simple as that, giant growth and vines of vastwood would work perfectly fine. This seems like a case when people are too stubborn to find out the truth and assume that their wrong answer is correct.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/5/2012 9:39:41 PM)


WTF is "Kick-the-Ouphe"?
Posted By: hashtagyolo (12/27/2012 10:05:49 PM)


Wizards, make an Ouphe with a kicker cost please.
Posted By: TimmyElson (7/8/2013 10:22:27 PM)


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