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combo with Hostility and Hearthcage Giant and any burn spells more notably
and we have a WINNER
Posted By: singaz (7/31/2009 3:24:58 AM)


That is without a doubt the most mana symbols I've ever seen in a row. This card DEMANDS ramp.
Posted By: blindthrall (7/2/2010 12:19:38 AM)


Combine with a firebreathing enchantment or creature for at least +8/+0 with your trample. But not with actual firebreathing because there are a dozen cards that do it better.
Posted By: Nathreet (1/16/2011 3:11:28 PM)


@WhiteWizard42: He is blind. Duh.
Posted By: Nikeyeia (9/6/2011 2:12:49 PM)


Duhh! Why didn't I notice this before? generating the exact CMC for Warp World.
Posted By: Moosecadet (1/10/2010 6:23:42 AM)


should be an uncommon, great guy for late game, can give your guys trample and get you 2 extra mana
Posted By: Tobolococo (3/4/2010 3:04:32 PM)


it's to build up a fireball-type card i think.
Posted By: maestroanth (6/26/2009 10:50:47 PM)


blindthrall - "the most mana symbols I've ever seen in a row."

Clearly you haven't seen the B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster).

Edit: Nikeyeia - Well played, sir. ... Wait, then how did he see the mana symbols on THIS card?
Posted By: WhiteWizard42 (9/10/2011 10:15:43 AM)


If you have four of these guys out and you have 6 mana, it should read:

Soulbright Flamekin

You have 10 mana, no really, you do.
Also those 12 creatures you control all have trample. Go ahead check if you don't believe me.

When provoked, a flamekin's inner fire burns far hotter than any giant's forge.
Posted By: DrHemroid (6/22/2011 2:47:32 AM)


is this a infinit card with itself?
Posted By: punkaffe (8/6/2009 7:19:53 PM)