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aside from legality, unless you're using cards like Dark Confidant, Shuko will be preferable to this card in most cases since you'll pay the equip cost more often than the mana cost.
although i like the artwork from this one more. ;)
Posted By: Mode (1/30/2009 11:27:57 AM)


Strictly worse than Spider-Man.
Posted By: Forgeling (9/5/2009 4:51:25 PM)


Its a sword with teeth jutting out of it; you think that it would grant more than a measly +1/+0.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/19/2009 7:24:31 PM)


Consider that this can give you a 2/1 Memnite or a 1/2 Ornithopter on turn 1.
Posted By: Manite (1/22/2014 1:11:10 AM)


Ah, 0 cost equipment for a +1/+0... Shuko is much better.....priced exactly right so its useless...

Posted By: Atrues (4/27/2009 4:09:21 PM)


Combos nicely with Storm Crow.
Posted By: niceguygreensboro (11/14/2010 2:13:26 PM)


when this is equipped to something can u pay 1 and make it transfer to another creature or do u hav to wait for the creature its already on to die
Posted By: MagicNoobArman (5/2/2009 2:03:04 PM)


My question is, why are there so few common equipments these days? There have been only three since Ravnica came out. (Planechase not included)
Posted By: hippoman23 (9/4/2009 3:06:17 PM)


This card does have some applications. It works especially well for cards that get bonus or +1/+1 counters when equipped because it is so cheap.

On another note my friend and I opened a holo bone saw at a two headed giant draft and thought it was hilarious. Of course we ended up with it at the end....
Posted By: BonesawJoe (2/2/2010 6:06:05 AM)


This is what happens when the people who make magic cards get bored...
Posted By: MagicFellow (4/22/2010 2:47:33 PM)