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I like the card for what it does, but I hate it when people pile these things (along with the chromatic filters and things like Elsewhere Flask) only because of the "Draw a Card" clause. Yes, if you like/need artifacts on field or have some crazy recursion combo (Glissa, the Traitor) or simply need to splash a color, go ahead and go nuts. But the draw effect alone is a crap reason to run it.

If a card only cantrips (Only draws one), it isn't helping you short of costing mana to make your deck one card thinner. It is simply replacing itself from your hand (i.e. cycling) and nothing more. If you would replace that card with something that actually steers you in the direction of winning, you would have (fate/randomness aside) drawn that card instead and have had 2 more mana to use it.

So please please please, don't look at that "Draw a card." as "OMG! CARD ADVANTAGE!!1!" when you aren't even using this or any other cantr... (see all)
Posted By: OmegaSerris (8/19/2011 10:11:11 PM)


The cantrip also makes this card fun with Esperzoa. It nets you a card for the jellyfish's drawback.
Posted By: Equinox523 (5/15/2009 11:59:48 AM)


I made exactly the same card in YMtC a few years ago, only without the sacrifice part :D
Of course that was before all these WUBRG shenanigans...
Posted By: yaaner (4/20/2009 10:53:56 AM)


It's the missing trigger to the Legacy Weapon!
Posted By: linksdeity (8/27/2010 3:55:29 PM)


I have no idea why, but this may be my favorite card. My first deck ideas were all based around artifacts and Esper stuff and Kaleidostone was always a part of those decks. Works great with Esperzoa (bounce each upkeep), Master Transmuter (if there's nothing else to do, bounce your Kaleidostone and draw for the win), Master of etherium (the boost is always nice) and last, but not least, Tezzeret (making this little cute thing a 5/5 freakish killing machine sure is fun)

That being sad, i love my little Kaleidostones.
Antinormal out.
Posted By: Antinormal (10/18/2009 12:38:52 PM)


sunburst cards have this thing in their pockets.
Posted By: bluemaxx (6/28/2011 4:35:15 AM)


dont *** around with these trying to get progenitals, just use pipper,tutors and dramatic entrance.
Posted By: Arthindole (3/12/2010 7:53:35 PM)


when i tap the mana required and "break" the kaleidostone, the mana produced from it... is it permanent mana that i can draw on for the rest of the match?
Posted By: Pesti1ence (4/29/2010 12:09:49 AM)


Seems like it should have been printed in Fifth Dawn.
Posted By: JFM2796 (9/3/2011 2:47:32 PM)


Fun if you have one or two Etherium Sculptors out. Then you can throw it out for 1 or 0 mana, which essentially becomes a free card if you cast them ahead of time. Good for if you feel like splashing mana for crap like Lavalanche or any of the Sliver Legends or a Child of Alara or an Etched Monstrosity or a Conflux or Reaper King or Door To Nothingness or Progenitus or a Fusion Elemental or a Horde of Notions or a Maelstrom Archangel or a...............
Posted By: Kaleidostorm (7/18/2012 12:08:36 AM)


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