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Re: Nickwright - actually, you can.


"This is all part of the "declare blockers" action. Once that's done, players can cast spells and activate abilities."

Which means that you CAN Unsummon after blocking, you just can't have both combat damage and bounce - you have to choose one or the other.
Posted By: RobinHood3000 (7/14/2009 5:53:49 PM)



Awesome comment. You've also made me realize a card I'm going to put into my power deck.

With brick walls like Lorthos, Progenitus, Darksteel Colossus, and Protean Hydra, who couldn't resist this card?
Posted By: DeathDark (4/4/2010 9:28:20 AM)



It's not even that complex. If Birds of Paradise becomes tapped before the Declare Attackers' step, it won't be able to attack. Alluring Siren is useful against creatures that don't have (tap) activated abilities.
Posted By: Belz_ (5/15/2010 4:07:16 PM)


Fredin: I hope that you are right that this card can be used to get rid of creatures with annoying abilities. However, I don't think it is as powerful as we both would hope. Using the "Birds of Paradise" example, consider:
A) Player 1 owns "Bird of Paradise" (referred to as "BOP" from now on). Player 2 owns Alluring Siren (referred to as "AS").
B) Player 1's turn begins. The first step of the first phase is the untap step. If BOP is already tapped, it untaps. If I am reading the official rules correctly, spells and abilities can not be played during the untap step. That means that AS can not force BOP to attack before it untaps.
C) The game eventually reaches a stage where spells and abilities can be played. Player 2 says, "A-ha, I force your BOP to attack!", and places AS' ability onto the stack.
D) Player 1 responds by saying, "Very well. I tap BOP and place its ability onto the stack."
E) The stack resolves. First BOP's annoying ability resolves. And only after that point does AS' a... (see all)
Posted By: Rashid_Clark (10/29/2009 5:40:29 PM)


You still get priority during hte declare blockers step after blockers are declared. The only differences are the ordering of blockers that must be done and the fact that you can no longer respond when damage is on the stack. So, you can unsummon after blocking, just not after the combat damage step begins.
Posted By: asmallcat (7/13/2009 6:57:54 AM)


i'd tap that (in the bed)
Posted By: kroen (8/9/2009 3:53:02 AM)


Red usually has this ability, but I could see it working in blue too. Red incites anger in opponent's creatures, forcing them to attack, while blue can simply tricks them into attacking. Also, you're underestimating this card. It can be used to force things to attack into Wall of Frost (which you can still unsummon before damage is dealt without affecting the ability; not that you'd need to very often), causing them to be asleep for 2 of your turns, or into a big creature (or one with death touch) that has didn't attack the previous turn, either because it had summoning sickness or you simply chose not to attack with it.
Posted By: Omaa (7/11/2009 9:14:47 AM)


this is one sexy siren ,i mean look et her,and her abillity rocks ....it can make yous opponent crys when he attacks whith his azourius guild mage :P
Posted By: Iiory (8/4/2009 5:42:06 AM)


Alluring Siren + Royal @ss@ssin.

Have fun.
Posted By: Studoku (8/13/2009 4:49:58 AM)


Against a Bant deck you can force him to either attack with one of his 1/1s (probably an Akrasan Squire) and minimize his bonus from exalted.
Posted By: pigknight (8/20/2009 10:13:49 PM)