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he is a weak rare, on his own. but he is a beautiful trigger.
Posted By: BentMorality (9/28/2009 9:48:43 PM)


Best ally card...so far...

He's better than Turntimber Ranger cuz 2/2 wolves don't matter much when you have an army of allies. Are people missing the fact that he gives a massive boost to your entire army, or what? I'm confoozitated.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (10/10/2009 11:23:10 PM)


I run a GWsplashR ally. The splash consists of four Kazuul Warlords. The best feeling in the world is getting out your Lurking Predators and getting the Kazuul Warlord revealed right when someone gets ready to reduce another creature's toughness to 0. The killer for most people playing against me? They play another spell to try their first target, only to have another Kazuul Warlord come into play. It is truly a thing of beauty, watching allies win. Even more fun in a game of archenemy. Anyone who things this is a weak rare has never seen it in action in a straight ally deck, or tried using it in one.
Posted By: jerseyfrost (7/3/2010 12:16:58 AM)


I'm not sure if people quite realize how dangerous this guy is. From what I've seen, it almost seems like you guys don't expect to see him in a deck purely made of allies- or at the very least don't recognize the fact that the bonus triggers every time a new one comes down. Consider this; you have an Ondu Cleric, a Kazandu Blademaster, an Oran-Rief Survivalist, and an Akoum Battlesinger on the field. Modest at best, for turn 5 in an ally deck. You throw this guy down. Assuming their effects hadn't triggered before besides upon summoning, you now have a 4/4 KB, a 4/4 ORS, a 2/2 AB, a 2/2 OC, and a 4/4 Kazuul Warlord, permanently, disregarding temporary effects or ones that don't have to do with size. The next turn, you have 6 mana. Say you get lucky, and use it to play a Join the Ranks and another Ondu Cleric. Over the course of two turns, you just made a meager army of two 2/2s and ... (see all)
Posted By: Aburaishi (2/7/2011 9:31:55 PM)


target this with a kicked rite of replaication and you have 5 33/33s and a 34/34
Posted By: sliverlord5000 (9/25/2009 6:46:46 PM)


I can see a White Green Ally deck with a small splash of red to accommodate this guy working somehow. He's pretty good in an ally deck even if he seems like a weak rare...
Posted By: Volcre (9/28/2009 7:30:28 AM)


Just imagine having four of these on the battlefield in an ally deck. he's not even legendary.

This card should be a mythic rare it's so powerful.
Posted By: ToidiDiPuts (10/18/2009 8:33:32 AM)


The problem is that he's only good in the ally deck, and the ally deck is currently not good. Not good at all. Also, he doesn't "pump up your whole army", he only pumps up allies. Also, a 4/4 for 5 is not ANYWHERE NEAR reasonable, ESPECIALLY in red. Also, this is basically a trash rare, and unless some decent allies show up in the next two sets it will remain so.
Posted By: Laguz (10/26/2009 1:56:34 AM)


far from the best ally, 5 for a 4/4, turntimber ranger is much better, 5 for a 3/3 and a 2/2

but the point of the ally tribe is that they scale together, cant think of a turn 1 ally, but turn 2, oran reef, then the puma, then the blademaster and the cleric, then this guy or turntimber, and you keep going, dropping ally after ally, keeping pressure with the little ones till you get the big ones rolling
Posted By: Dingo777 (10/4/2009 6:49:35 PM)


In any Ally deck, you need at least two of them. Your Allies then become real beasts.
Posted By: Flanktacular (11/21/2009 8:01:45 AM)