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Should be a Warrior as well as a Goblin.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/12/2010 6:28:14 AM)


I call him the "Mad Uncle".
Posted By: Rotary_Fist (7/12/2009 10:46:14 AM)


I wouldn't say its the best Goblin lord, but certainly second best.
Haste is crucial to its success, and the +1/+1 is great.
However there's no way he can replace Goblin Warchief as the best lord for goblins. Again, the +1/+1 is great, but the reduction of casting cost is just so freakishly good for Goblins. Aether Vial has you pumping out free goblins each turn, and this allows you to pump out more goblins for your mana along side it. It's no wonder why Goblins have consistently been the absolute top tier red deck in Legacy when it is just so fast thanks to the Warchief. Things like Goblin Recruiter + Goblin Ringleader become a 4 mana automatic tutor for any 4 goblins you want... that's insane.
They share haste, which is better than Mountainwalk definitely; no offense to Goblin King. A lot of good goblins have haste already, like Goblin Guide and Bog... (see all)
Posted By: Plum (2/24/2010 9:45:58 PM)


Wow, great card, low Toughtness, but you can have as meany as you like. ^_^
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (9/22/2009 10:24:01 AM)


Turn 1 - Play Goblin Guide - Swing for 2
Turn 2 - Play Goblin Bushwacker (Kicked) - Swing for 5
Turn 3 - Play Goblin Chieftain - Swing for 7
Turn 4 - Play Warren Instigator - Swing for 11 (Play Two Siege Gang Commanders)
Turn 5 - Swing for 29
Posted By: Nobrainpower (10/14/2009 6:49:49 PM)


So out of the five new Lords in 2010 base set this is unforunately only a marginal card. Now before you goblin lovers got about flinging yourselves at me lets look at the other Lords for 2010. Now it high time that another Goblin beside Goblin King gives +1/+1 because Soldiers, Elves, and even Merfolk have more than 2 cards that give +1/+1 to their brothers. Giving haste is ok. A number of goblins, at least the best one in my mind, already have haste as an ability and the worst of the Warchiefs, Goblin Warchief gives haste to Goblins too. In my mind this should have been Goblin Warchief during the Onslaught block. But hey look on the bright side at least this isnt as worthless as Merfolk Sovereign.
Posted By: ZioKai (8/15/2009 10:22:01 PM)


Oh Man Four Please This Guy Is Sick Just Like The Art Man Go Goblins
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (7/30/2009 8:55:55 AM)


I would argue that Goblin Chieftain and Elvish Archdruid are the two most powerful lords in the set. Let's take a look:
Captain of the Watch
Great ability, great tokens, popular tribe....and there's its mana cost. With Brighthearth Banneret rotating, as well as Preeminent Captain, there aren't any ways to "cheat" this card into play. And let's face it, what good is an aggressive card unless it's costed for, at the latest, the midgame. And, this "Lord" can't even be hit by a Reveillark. So, on the whole, not that great.
Merfolk Sovereign
With the rotation of Wake Thrasher, this card won't see play unless there's some big, nasty beater that lacks evasion that's also a merfolk.
Cemetary Reaper
Definitely worse than Lord of the Undead. Won't, or at least shouldn't, see play.
... (see all)
Posted By: bakofried (9/27/2009 11:52:39 PM)


@bakeofried Did you seriously just put this card over Vampire Nocturnus? Seriously!? I dont see tournaments being won with this card, sorry.
Posted By: NeoSin (3/27/2010 6:59:15 PM)


I'm tearing the *** earth apart trying to find this guy !
Posted By: feliciano182 (2/5/2010 5:07:18 PM)


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